Relationship advice: Fun parents night out date ideas for married couples

It doesn’t take a ton of money to spend a ton of quality time with your spouse. Here are a few inexpensive ideas to help you get your all important ‘date nights’ rolling.

You have to work, you have to take care of the kids, you have to take care of the house, demands, demands and more demands are made on your time. When then, exactly, are you supposed to work on your marriage? What happened to dating? What happened to time spent alone with your significant other? And if we had the time, how would we afford it?

While these questions can seem unanswerable, do not despair, there is hope! No need to become discouraged or convinced that this is an impossible dream. Spending time together and building memories does not necessarily require spending a ton of money, anxiety or stress.

Relationship advice Fun parents night out date ideas for married couples 300x222 Relationship advice: Fun parents night out date ideas for married couples

Relationship advice Fun parents night out date ideas for married couples

The simplest dates are very often the most romantic and the most memorable. Try driving to your local park and walking hand in hand as the sun sets. If mornings work into your schedule better, watching the sun rise with your loved one can be a beautiful way to start out the day. Maybe take along a blanket and tonight’s dinner or breakfast in a basket for an outdoor picnic.
Walking and bike riding are both good for your health and your soul. A 30 minute walk or ride in the evening or early morning hours can boost your personal health as well as strengthen your marriage. How about roller blading or jogging? Both can be done together while gaining the added benefit of exercise.

Are you into sports? An evening spent bowling, playing pool, swimming or jogging are both athletic and healthy ways to spend some time together. Have you thought of joining a couples league? Many different organizations offer coed teams to join and this allows you to spend some quality time together as well as make some new friends with whom you share your interests.

Hobbies are another way to enjoy spending some quality time together. Bird watching, camping, woodworking and collecting are excellent avenues to pursue that would promote conversation, input and flexibility for your family’s time schedule. Flea markets and antiquing are also excellent hobbies that allow you to both get some excercise walking around and enjoy one another’s company. Who knows, maybe you’ll even come across that perfect item you’ve been looking for to place in the corner of your living room!

Dinner at your favorite restaurant is always a nice break away from the hectic race of everyday life. Movies are a good choice as they allow some relaxation and snuggle time with your significant other. Window shopping while walking hand in hand is the perfect opportunity to spend some time together and maybe get an idea for the next gift giving time in your lives.

Nights away from home are always a romantic and popular choice. An evening at a local hotel, away from the house, the kids and the phone can be therapeutic and relaxing. Picking up your favorite food on the way would ensure that the both of you can enjoy every moment of your time away without the intrusion of the outside world.

If you are more interested in time spent at home with friends then starting a fun night is the perfect answer. You could include a few different couples and plan card or board games to play at home. Taking turns hosting the fun night would lessen the burden on any one couple. You could ask each couple to bring along a snack to share with the group so that the hostess doesn’t have the added stress of providing food. This is the ultimate solution to daycare problems as the children can play together while the adults relax and have a great time as well.

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