Reason behind Josh Borrelli ’s Fast Tanning.

Pennsylvania senior star Shawnee (N.J) josh Borelli is a high senior basket ball star and is mostly behind the victories. He usually scores 20 or more points every time he steps in the court. The shots are smooth and easily translated to the next level. He has almost all the ingredients of Shawnee’s Big Man on campus.

josh borelli Reason behind Josh Borrelli ’s Fast Tanning.

josh borelli

One of the surprising fact about the rising star is his fast body tanning. The teammate gave a compelling reason that he needs to get tan fast on doctor’s orders.

According to the Philadelphia inquirer, Borrelli is suffering from a rare skin disease known as Mucha-Habermann, an auto immune condition which causes skin to breakout in rashes and lesions. It is the most rare disease all over the world and as such no cure or treatment is available so far. Studies and researches are carried out in this respect to stop the ailment and know the reasons behind its cause.

Borrelli is on medication and spend almost eight minutes in Ultra Violet radiations inside the tanning booth. To ensure that this technique is effective for his body, he can’t miss a single day. The condition is so mercurial that it comes and go for years at a time. He had to deal with the outbreaks of the disease since the eighth grade, then the disease remained dormant till the start of his senior session in high school.

From senior school days, he started to visit the tanning salon on regular basis. Just for the safety, he forced his father to accompany him in the tanning process in start so his father could dispel the concerns that his teenage boy is struggling against tanorexia.

Josh Borrelli told the inquirer; “I was kind of embarrassed that they would think I was a guy who wanted to get tan.” Mostly were of the view that he is just following the tan trend and is being made clear with the help of media.  The teammates understands the disease and are quite comfortable with his tanning process as it hasn’t affected his performance during the game. The disease is also known by the following names:  acuta guttale parapsoriasis, Habermann disease, parapsoriasis varioliformis acuta, pityriasis lichenoides et varioliformis acuta and PLEVA.

The leisions in this ailment mostly occurs on trunk, arms and legs of the body. They appear in small groups and mostly affect the children and young adults. The exact cause of the disease is still unknown.

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