Planning a wedding: The pros and cons of hiring a wedding planner

Paying for wedding planner might take away from some other part of the wedding, so find out some pros and cons before hiring one.

Weddings require so much attention to so many details that planning one could take the better part of a couple’s year. Hiring a wedding planner to help manage those endless decisions can be well worth the added expense. Even when a couple is working on a tight budget, contracting the services of a wedding planner is possible. These days, it isn’t necessary to be working on a millionaire’s budget to be able to afford one. Even so, allocating a portion of the wedding budget to pay for a planner might mean taking away from some other part of the wedding, so weigh the pros and cons carefully before making a decision either way.


Work schedules:

Perhaps you and your fiancé both have very demanding careers, complete with long or unpredictable hours, overtime, presentations and insatiable clients. If it is impossible for you to make your wedding your priority at least two days out of a week, then you might need to hire someone who can.

Wedding planning 10 money saving tips 300x225 Planning a wedding: The pros and cons of hiring a wedding planner

Planning a wedding: The pros and cons of hiring a wedding planner

Other time conflicts:

Even work from home couples can have hectic schedules. Evening classes, workouts, poker night, and date nights in addition to grocery shopping, bill paying and household chores and even child rearing could keep a couple busy despite work flexibility. Decide if you are willing to put any extra-curricular projects on the back burner for awhile. If your fiancé just can’t bear to give up his golf lessons, don’t force the issue. Wedding planning is disruptive to everyday life, especially the closer it comes. If you love your everyday life just the way it is, let a wedding planner help you keep it that way.


The process of planning a wedding is enough to overwhelm anyone, but especially someone who has never planned a big event before. Do you find yourself asking questions such as, “how do you hire a caterer, a cake baker, a landscaper? Where can I go to get invitations printed? What is a save-the-date?” Or perhaps you are across the ocean from the destination of your wedding and don’t know how to get things started over there. A wedding planner is a wealth of knowledge. He or she can provide you with recommendations for hiring florists and caterers, choosing a time, location, and can even coach you on issues of etiquette in areas from vow writing to tipping and everything in between. If you need assistance planning a destination wedding, hire a planner who is local to the wedding’s location.



Some brides-to-be have been planning their wedding with Kens and Barbies since the tender age of 5 and reading bridal magazines since 10. If you already know exactly what you want and how to get it relinquishing control to a professional might be difficult for you. A wedding planner should of course be willing to give you what you want, but if you aren’t open to new ideas then you simply don’t need to hire one to help plan. However, to ensure that things go smoothly on the big day, it is still possible to hire a planner to help orchestrate things for one day only.


This is a big one. Of course part of a wedding planner’s job is to work within the budget that the couple has allotted. The planner can give a fountain of advice on how to save little bits of money here and large sums there. However, their charge for services is not negotiable. For weddings being planned on the tightest of tight budgets, you will have to do without. Fortunately, the less money you have to spend, the fewer places you can spend it so you will have fewer detail to handle anyway.

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