Perm hair care: How to take care of permed hair

If you have had straight hair all your life and now have permed hair, you may need help in how to care for it.

Research the proper products.

Permed hair is more at risk for drying out so it should be cleaned and conditioned properly. Although most salon shampoos are more expensive than store bought, they are significantly better for your hair. The quality of your shampoo is linked to the active ingredient shown on the back of the bottle. Most store bought shampoos contain Ammonium Laureth or Lauryl Sulfate, which have great foaming properties. Consumers mistakenly believe that a good lather produces cleaner hair. Sodium Laureth Sulfate produces the least lather but is the best product for your hair. Beauty supply stores, supplement businesses, and salons are great places to find shampoos containing Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

The story is the same for most store bought conditioners. A good rule of thumb is to purchase a hydrating conditioner at the same place you select your shampoo. In order for a perm to maintain healthy curls, the hair must be properly cleaned and conditioned.Sleek Gossip Your source for the latest fashion trends entertainment news lifestyle tips and more l Perm hair care: How to take care of permed hair
Some thought should also be given to the look you are wanting: soft curls or wet, hard curls. For soft curls that won’t go frizzy by lunch: towel dry your hair, run mousse through it beginning at the ends and working your way to the scalp. Then, spray some spritz on the top layer of your hair, and again on the bottom as you lean over, covering evenly. Next, blow dry on low, scrunching the curls with your fingers until the spritz feels tacky. For a wet, stiff look, select a hard holding gel, and work it through wet hair from the ends to the scalp. Spritz your hair with spray gel and let it air dry. If you want more volume, pick out your hair once it is completely dry.

Schedule regular trims.

Split ends take their toll on all hairstyles but especially perms. Take time to schedule regular trims with your beautician. If you are worried about losing length, inform them you only want to “nip the ends.” The cut will be barely noticed in length but your curls will be rejuvenated and bouncy.

Regardless, of your hair thickness, some layering should be included with your style. Layering relieves the weight of the curl and allows it to have some bounce. The thicker your hair, the more drastic layers may be needed. Consult with your beautician for what layers would be beneficial for you.

If you have a short style you are trying to maintain, your appointment should be every three to four weeks. If you have a longer style, every six weeks would be a good time frame for scheduled trims.

Take time for R&R.

Permed hair may need a time of rest and relaxation from the daily routine. A good way of doing this would be to skip washing your hair once a week. The styling products help camouflage hair oil, allowing you to do this without the notice of others. Simply pull your hair back during your shower and then spruce up your style with some water, spritz and a pick Another option would be to go with a different style: a braid, up-do, or straightened. Regardless, if you want to braid your hair or put it up, it is best to do it when wet. Permed hair causes your hair to feel thicker and can be difficult to work with when dry. A great way to straighten permed hair is to let it dry while up in some fashion, and it will be clean for the next day’s style. Allowing your curls a break from the normal routine will rejuvenate their body.

Permed hair can look natural and make your life easier, if you know how to care for it. Research for the proper products, schedule regular trims, and give your hair a break every once in awhile.

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