Party ideas: Tea party games for children

A tea party for kids complete with menus and games.

I suspect Tea Party games have always been played. Pretending to be grown up has always been a favorite game of children. To pretend you are giving a tea party, someone must be the hostess and others must be guests. Your guests may be other children, dolls, or stuffed bears and other animals.

For a tea party, there must be tea and food. This may consist of the make believe variety that only children can see, or the real thing. Children love to add reality to their pretend games by adding props such as real food and even china.

Whether or not, your children add reality to the game or not is of little importance since Tea Party games are about the details and the procedure. The details may include everything from dressing up in old-fashioned fancy clothing to making and sending invitations to the party. If real guests are arriving, you must have a selection of fancy dress clothing so they can not only act like high society, but also feel it. Guests should look the part. It would be great to have fancy dresses or gowns, boas, furs, picture hats, fans, parasols, and tons of jewelry. If dolls and bears are guests, find small items like fancy hats or jewelry to add to their costume.
If real guests are invited, make up paper invitations from scratch or with your computer in the shape of a teapot. For an all girl party add frilly lace or pressed flowers to the invitations. A mixed party invitation might use pieces of yarn or ribbon to make the invitations more decorative.

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Party ideas: Tea party games for children

Real guests may mean eatable food. Lemonade or Kool-Aid in the teapot and fancy decorated cupcakes may be served. Small dishes of nuts or mints would be special. You could use real tea also, with small dishes for sugar cubes, and lemon. Have on hand, milk, and honey.

Little girls appreciate beautiful china and lacy tablecloths. Boys may not care about those things so keep it simpler if they are among your guests. Napkins and candles could go far in creating atmosphere for your table. You may not want to light them, just use them for elegance.

Crafts would be great fun at a tea party. Paper weaving may be used to make place mats or napkin rings. Guests could make Kleenex or crepe paper flowers for a centerpiece or weave baskets to carry real flowers in. You might add crafts that help create your dress-up accessories such as making large paper hats or beaded jewelry. Be creative.

Games to play at the tea party could include Pin the Cup on the Saucer borrowing from an old classic. Make it work for your theme. Just cut out a large saucer and cup from cardboard and decorate prettily. Let blindfolded children try to pin it in the right place. Push pins or even tape could be used.

Another fun game for a tea party would be to have a relay race. Small children could carry water in teaspoons to put into a teapot. After pouring their water in the teapot, they hurry back to their team and hand the spoon to the next person. The first team to fill the teapot or the team with the most water after a set period of time will win the relay.

Make cute little white sugar cube-shaped beanbags to throw into a very large teapot at some distance away. Make a cardboard teapot and fasten to a large bucket or bowl. Winners may be the ones to get their ‘sugar cube’ in the pot. Add challenges if necessary to extend the game. Maybe the game could be played standing with their back toward the pot and throwing it over their shoulder. Try throwing with the opposite hand or even play it blindfolded if it seems too easy for your group.

Don’t forget the song I’m a Little Teapot complete with the actions for another fun activity. Check the library or your Internet resources for the exact words to this old classic song.

Play a game of musical chairs with a little twist. Make a circle of chairs, one for each of the guests. There are enough chairs for every guest, but one contains a fragile cup and saucer and cannot be sat upon. You may play music as all the guests march around the chairs. When the music stops, they all scramble to take a seat. That person, whose only choice is the chair with the cup and saucer on it, is out. They keep marching until just one person is left. That is the winner.

To really have fun, ask the little guests to talk in an English accent. Have fun.

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