Party decor tips: Making your own birthday party streamers

Accent your birthday party in a unique way by creating your own streamer decorations.

Nothing creates a festive atmosphere like party decorations, and how better to express your unique sensibility than to create them yourself?

Don’t limit yourself to twisting crepe paper or using traditional ideas. Anything that you can hang in a strand can be used to make a unique and personal streamer that will be a conversation piece as well as an embellishment. Making your own birthday party streamers can festoon your party with a personal touch.

Start with a Basic Streamer

To begin, measure the space you want to cover ahead of time and make sure you get enough ribbon to cover the space you want to decorate.

You will need a base for your decoration. Choose fabric, satin, or curling ribbons as a start. Coordinate colors with the rest of your party décor. Two complimentary shades such as red and blue, green and purple or pink and yellow work well.
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Fabric ribbon gives you more choices (patterns, stripes, polka dots or even printed picture illustrations) but is more expensive. Plastic gift ribbons come in fewer varieties, but still give a wide range of options at much less cost.

Mix types of ribbon, widths, colors or textures to give a distinctive look. Thin ribbons give a more delicate appearance and thicker ribbons have more of an impact.

Using your chosen materials, attach the streamer across the space you are covering, making “waves” or swags at desired intervals. You can hang them at equal length and spacing, or create a pattern (such as making a 6 inch swag, then a 12 inch swag, then another 6 inch swag), depending on the time you have and intricacy desired in your design.

Add Flair

Buy enough ribbon to create bows or accents at points where the streamer is attached to the wall, table or ledge. For example, if you are hanging a streamer across a table, you may want to make three bows to attach one at each end of the table, and one in the middle.

Create bows by looping several lengths of ribbon in a figure eight, fan or flower shape, taping or stapling in the center. Conceal the attachment at the center by attaching another loop of ribbon with a piece of tape at the back. If time is short, use store-bought, pre-made bows or balloons.

Sparkle up Your Streamer

To add further interest to your decoration, you may attach small plastic party favors, toys or other small objects that tie in with the party’s purpose or theme. For a child’s summer birthday party, party favor sunglasses or lollipops could be used. Inexpensive toy plastic cell phones, toy makeup or even blank CDs could highlight a teenager’s favorite interests. For a 40th birthday bash, black silk flowers might do the trick.

These favor additions can be made in several ways:

you can leave a “tail” or extended piece of ribbon at the ends of your streamer and tie the favors on, place them in the middle of bows you have already created, hang them from each swag, or mount them atop the streamer where you have attached it to the wall, adding an extra level of detail and interest to your decoration.

Finally, don’t feel you have to make custom streamers for the entire party space. You can accent a special area, such as the gift table or cake’s location, with a special streamer, keeping the rest of the décor simpler.

Creating a streamer for your next birthday party is a simple idea with a lot of impact. Your guest of honor and those attending your affair will notice and appreciate the time you have invested.

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