Obama’s America, but for how long?

’2016: Obama’s America’ started life in one small Texas cinema, but after an unbelievable move up the box-office charts it’s now the number two movie in the US, and seems to be set to become number one next week.

The movie, which was co-directed by Dinesh D’Souza and John Sullivan, charges Obama of being influenced by anti-colonialist beliefs and wanting to undermine the US’s position in the world. It is already moved up to screening in 1,091 cinemas, and is believed to be set to double that number to roughly 2,000, with 1,600 already confirmed according to publication Entertainment Weekly.

Obama America 220x300 Obama’s America, but for how long?

2016: Obama’s America

The documentary has now become the number one conservative documentary ever and the highest grossing non-nature doc of this year, with takings of over $9.4m.

Albeit ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ success in taking $900m worldwide was incredible, but with the Republican National Convention this week and the film taking off in more cinemas, it could be set to become a surprise hit, at least for a fairly low budget documentary with a bit of an obscure take on Obama’s motivations as a politician.

The question is will the film’s success derail Obama’s re-election bid? Essentially, hundreds of thousands of people are going to see a documentary which accuses Obama of wanting to make America less powerful can hardly be good for the sitting President.

The answer is – probably not, as those who pay to see the movie are likely to either be confirmed opponents of the Democrat President, or be doing so out of morbid curiosity.

There is a precedent here too, as 2004’s Michael Moore documentary ‘Farenheit 9/11′ took ten times what ’2016′ was so far convinced cinema goers to part with, and as most are aware George W. Bush was elected that year rather than John Kerry.

Moore’s doc was even more discordant in its criticism of the then sitting president, drawing links between his family and America’s one time nemesis Osama bin Laden. The lesson from that documentary seems to be that while damaging accusations may be good for box-office figures, the more furiously you lay into a President in a film, the less likely the key moderate voters who win elections are to be convinced. We’ll wait for the dust to settle…

Article By Emma Sankey

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