Nicki Minaj Threatens Mariah Carey In Foul-Mouthed Attack

Nicki Minaj let loose on fellow American Idol judge Mariah Carey, as footage released by TMZ shows the rapper threaten the singing diva in a foul-mouthed rant.
American Idol producers were forced to cancel filming in Charlotte, North Carolina yesterday as the Nicki started a full-blown attack on Mariah, following a contestant’s audition.

According to a source present on the set, Nicki stormed from the judges’ chairs after Mariah made a series of subtle jabs targeted towards her. After being convinced by her management team to rejoin the panel to continue auditions, Mariah allegedly continued to wind Nicki up and called her a b****.

Nicki Minaj 249x300 Nicki Minaj Threatens Mariah Carey In Foul Mouthed Attack

Nicki Minaj Threatens Mariah Carey In Foul-Mouthed Attack

As soon as the audition was over Nicki went crazy, launching a verbal attack towards Mariah. Although not caught on tape, Nicki is thought to have threatened Mariah saying: “I’m gonna knock you out.”

In the video however, you can clearly see Nicki is fuming, she frequently shouts and swears before yelling: “I told them I’m not f*****g putting up with her f*****g highness over there” referring to Mariah.

Throughout the row, Mariah remained dignified, and quiet, perhaps shocked by Nicki’s outburst. Whilst towards the end of the video it is clear Mariah is talking, however the audio does not pick up what she said.

Fellow Idol judges Keith Urban and Randy Jackson were caught in the middle of the attack. Whilst Randy appeared to be trying to calm Nicki down in the video, Keith who is sat in between both women appeared rather shell-shocked.
Producers of the show are said to be extremely concerned by the events, which took place yesterday, as they can’t see how Nicki and Mariah will manage to work with each other for the whole season. Whilst a little bit of friction between judges makes great entertainment, the women seem to out right hate each other.

Before Nicki signed up for the show Mariah had declared she did not want her on the panel, as she feared she would turn the show into a ‘freakshow’. Mariah wanted the series to be about inspirational judges providing constructive criticism, and as feared Nicki has turned it into chaos.
Rumors that one of the women will leave the show are rife, however no announcements have yet been made.

Article By Victoria Beckett

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