New Secrets About Aging of beauty Products

Make-up is most essential thing for not only women but also for men now a day. Different companies are launching new and awesome beauty products on the yearly basis.

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Beauty products for people

People don’t think that beauty products include certain chemicals especially organic chemicals which are beneficial to some extent but with the passage of time, they start expiring as aging process occurs in human beings.

Some of the industry professionals agree to mention the expiry date of our beauty product that otherwise can be harmful to customers.

Some companies are trying to shorten the life span of beauty products to reduce their bad effects.

In order to do so, they made more complex products to simplify consumers. For example benzoyl peroxide has a shelf life of only three months and once opened, it can destroy the antibiotics. It doesn’t mean that it won’t work anymore but it will lose its effectiveness.

Ingredients for beauty products

Some of the popular ingredients used are vulnerable when exposed to sunlight includes the plant extracts, antioxidants, glycolic acids and vitamin C.

Another important factor is packaging of beauty products for example an eye cream that have more chances of having high bacterial growth rate due to its packaging in jars.

Dr. Ruthie Harper said that if we use more ingredients in a beauty product, its usage will be automatically reduced because it may not be chemically compatible or mixture may render the ingredients neutral.

FAO that is the food and drug administration don’t recommend to stamp the products with expiration date but companies can perform their own stability tests according to their products and then put stamps accordingly.

Its major disadvantage is that it’s time consuming and very costly.

Lush is the an awesome Britain-based all-natural company that usually provide biofresh face masks which expire after 21 days and they said that they make their products weekly with fruits and vegetables, essential oils and cleansing clays and then they deliver their products to shops.

They also provide different fresh vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes that are found in those vegetables and Fruits.This Company used very less amount of packaging.

Some companies gave the idea that there is a scientific validity for keeping active ingredients of any beauty product separately until its application which will give good and awesome results but Mr.

Rabinson said that any product which is separated in this way changes its color and smells differently which means that they are now useless. Research is still going on and looking forward for new solutions.


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