NASA facing problems in Space Stations Missions

March 2, 2013| A press release published in the Information Week Government reported that NASA has been facing.

Space Stations Missions NASA facing problems in Space Stations Missionsenormous problems in carrying out their Space ships resupply mission plans.

Missions of NASA

One week before, NASA announced to carry out its resupply mission plan, Mars Curiosity Rover, which was an unmanned resupply mission in the International Space Ship. After the announcement, on Friday morning, the mission stated facing huge problems of computer glitches which have put NASA in great troubles, said the report.

A spaceflight company named as SpaceX’s CEO claimed that NASA’s resupply mission in the internal space ship is facing severe problems because three out of four thrusters pods of the space station have failed to work. This failure has resulted in the deployment of the solar arrays of the Dragon Spacecraft.

NASA stations

Eventually, thruster’s pods of the space stations started working and started deploying the solar arrays; however, the news was not being reported. The space ship station has been planned to reach its destination on this Saturday.

NASA reported that the computers of the Mars Curiosity Rover were switched to the backup computers as the primary computers failed to go to the planned schedule of their sleep. The problem’s credit was entirely given to the failure of the flash memory.

The primary computer has been working from last year, and has failed to go to sleep, which caused the problems. However, now, the backup computer of Mars Curiosity has been used as a primary computer on the way to Mars from Earth.

The rover has now been put into safety mode by the NASA authorities. While the backup computer will work, work will be done on the troubleshooting of the primary computer by the scientists.

All these problems have lead to delayed communication between the International Space Ship Stations and the mission control office. However, work has been done to repair the system so that the communication problems are reduced and Mars Curiosity carries out its mission with ease.

Mars Curiosity is a space ship mission, in which investigations on Mars habitability have been started by NASA.


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