Mounting passion of British people towards American food

It seems that British people have forgotten their eating trends and cultures as the passionate love of American food is prevailing in the entire UK. An unrequited romance exists between the people of Britain and American food.

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Why is it that majority of the Britain people are found dining in the restaurants which serve American food? What’s so special that brings water in to the mouths of the British people? Is it like that the British food does not contain that edge in it? What’s so special in the American food that British people can’t refrain from it? This situation of British lifestyle is although very embarrassing for British people, yet here are some interesting facts:

The first initiative came in the form of cupcakes. As soon as cupcakes came in to view, the streets and bakeries of UK got filled up with them. The velvety, juicy, chocolaty cupcakes, enriched with whipped cream and excellent food taste made American food much better off as compared to the British food. Of course! Who can resist such a yummiest thing? A person who can refrain from these things does not have a right to live on this earth!!

Pancakes were followed by mouth watering burgers, barbecues, hot dogs, cheese filled sandwiches, which increased the love of British people towards American food and that’s’ how the never ending love affair started.

However, if we see the scenario on the other way round, American people are found to love their food. Shouldn’t it have been like that they should love British food like British people love American food? No pals! It’s not like that!

According to American, their food is colourful, eatable, yummy, juicy and crispy. Their food represents their culture and lifestyle of the American residents.

The British people must learn a lesson out of the entire scenario. By using their cultural food like meat and fish, thousands of food combinations can be drawn which can outlay the American cupcakes and burgers.

The utmost duty of a countryman is to portray the cultures and traditions of his own country rather than forgetting his own roots and start following the tradition of others.


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