Mothers ring tradition ideas

Choose the mother’s ring that is right for your mother. Designs starting with the traditional ring and an explanation of each.

A mother’s ring is generally a ring with each child’s birth stone. Just as important as a wedding ring, it is most often paid for by the child or children when they are older. On the contrary, fathers may buy a ring for the mother while the child is very young. This usually happens for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. The following is an explanation of a few types of mothers’ rings, starting with the most traditional and ending with a popular, yet least traditional type of ring.

The most popular and traditional is the contemporary mother’s ring. This is ideal for a mother with one to five or more children. Starting with the youngest, the stones are place left to right across the band. The sizes of the stones rely heavily on the number of children there are and even the month they were born, (April’s birth stone is a diamond, which can be expensive.) Either way, all of the stones should be the same size/weight to get the traditional look. For someone with one child, a popular and elegant design is the birth stone and diamond set. This set has a nice look and is simply alternating the child’s birth stone with a diamond stone. To get the look, one wouldn’t want to go more than five or six stones. The mother’s birth stone is not included on this type of mother’s ring.
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Another unique but common mother’s ring is one with the mother’s stone included. Ideal for a mother with one to three children, this ring is designed with the mother’s stone being the largest, the oldest child’s being the second largest, and the youngest child’s being the smallest. There are many creative bands for this type of mother’s ring. A very unique and ancestral design is the family tree band. This band has the look of an abstract tree complete with branches, and at the tip of each branch is a stone. If one goes too big with the stone, it will give the ring a fake, costume look, but with the right size of stones, this ring is a real conversation piece and can be very elegant. A very beautiful piece in this design is the heart band. In the middle of the heart is the mother’s stone, and on the sides of the heart, before it comes down to a “V” are the children’s stones. Unlike the others, this design looks great with three, six, or eight stones, excluding the mother’s.

Next on the list would have to be the stacked rings. This type of mother’s ring is truly different and one-of-a-kind. Each child has his/her own ring, names and birth dates optional. The mother is to wear all of the rings on one finger to get the “stacked” look and she is able to because the bands are slim and fit well together. For dexterity, this ring would be for the mother with one to four children, although having four rings on one finger could be troublesome for some. The stones are placed in different sections on each ring to offset the preceding one.

An expensive and quite odd mother’s ring is one with a solitaire diamond with the children’s stones underneath the diamond, visible from the front, not the top. This design is for mothers with one to six children and many jewelers offer to customize this ring by using a diamond the mother already has and also giving her many options for how to set the stones. This is a ring with flair and rarity written all over it.

A mother’s ring that is not as traditional is one that includes the child or children’s names on the band with the stones. This ring is gaining popularity but the band is quite large. Having the children’s birth month and day engraved on the band with their name and stone also seems to be getting more frequent. Again, this design would be ideal for a mother with one to three children because of the space the engraving takes up. It would look nice with very few names, but jumbled and sloppy with too many.

There are many designs and ideas out there for mother’s rings. Like an engagement or wedding ring, mother’s rings should be chosen with her taste in mind.

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