Morgan Freeman’s death Hoax leaves Hollywood confused and Fans Angry

Sick minds do what they do best.
The latest is a facebook page created by a sick mind which announced the death of Hollywood mega star, Morgan Freeman. The news spread like wildfire, even as spokesperson of Freeman announced to the media that Freeman was very much alive and well.

The rumor followed close on the heels of the untimely death of Michael Clarke Duncan at age 54, who was nominated for an Oscar for his brilliant portrayal in The Green Mile, of a convict Jack Coffey, who had extraordinary healing and sensory powers.

Morgan Freeman 247x300 Morgan Freemans death Hoax leaves Hollywood confused and Fans Angry

Morgan Freeman

The purported “death” of Freeman sent the internet search engines into a tizzy as confusion ran amok about this sick rumor. What is even more sick is that the Face book page announcing Freeman’s death has already crossed a whopping one million likes as against only forty thousand for Michael Clarke Duncan’s page. As the news of Freeman’s death spread, sorrowfully thousands of fans across the globe fell for this sick hoax.

This hoax left the celebrity community in Hollywood shell shocked as they still tried to cope with several deaths this year. The demise of Duncan, often reoffered to as the “gentle giant” had shocked the nation and some semblance of normalcy was returning when the hoax of Freeman’s death sucker punched the entire nation.

Psychologists analyze rumor mongering as a sign of “perverse pleasure” of (un) stable minds who take sadistic pleasure and then revel at the fall out of the rumor. The Examiner quotes Pamela Brown Rutledge explanation that like practical jokes,’” most hoaxes are designed to promote the psychological or commercial interests of the perpetrator at the expense of the victims.”

The hoax has left Morgan Freeman’s fans fuming, but then they are to blame for believing the Facebook page as if Freeman had really passed on, it would be breaking news on national televisions within minutes. So, for the record Morgan Freeman, the Shawshank Redemption at 75 years of age is “alive and well”

Article By Jack Martins

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