Miley Cyrus in Blue Hair

What can be more surprising than seeing Miley Cyrus with all her new looks. Yes, it is totally new and fresh! Miley has

Miley Cyrus in Blue hairMiley Cyrus Blue hairnew looks Miley Cyrus in Blue Hairdyed her hair blue. That’s what you just read. She has this new look with Blue hair. Now that sounds like something!

Miley Cyrus

It looks a little strange to see the super attractive blond, used to of being seen in those blond locks of her lose hair, in darker shade of steel blue. It seems like the twenty year old really wanted something entirely new before the matrimonial with Liam Hemsworth.

What was heard about from her fans was not much different than what was expected. Almost everyone was seen talking about the new looks of the girl.

Although, the color was crystal clear to be blue, yet Miley was not willing to agree to it and was continuously arguing on her twitter account about the color not to be blue but kind of platinum. She told that she had no such intention of going for the blue color. The new look that the girl now has is no doubt sort of some monstrous.

Blond – Blue Miley Cyrus

The girl who sang the famous ‘party in the USA’ has in the past too, been going for such hair makeovers. It had been Chris McMillan, her hairstylist, to get her all those new and unique looks that she carries every time differently. Chris has, most of the time, been styling Mileys’ hair in different styles.

It has always been the same Miley with those long locks and blonde but this entire new look with a completely different shade is something that is completely a different side about Miley Cyrus and gives her an entirely exclusive look. Since august she has been in those locks and same old blonde shade. This is something everyone looks at differently.

It is this unique thing about the former Hanna Montana of her readiness to always try something new is what makes her like her more than usual and makes her much attractive than reality. Hers is a style always different and attractive to look at.

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