Marriage tips: How to change the name on my social security card

One of the first things a woman should do after she gets married is change her name on her Social Security card.

One of the first things a woman must do after she is married is change her name on her important documents and cards. The first card that should be changed is her Social Security card. There are a lot of documents and cards that can not be changed until the Social Security card is amended. After changing the Social Security card, she can then begin changing her driver’s license, life and health insurance policies, etc.

The Social Security Administration is very specific on what is required in order to get your name changed. They have very stringent guidelines in place in order to protect people from identity theft and other fraud. The rest of this article will explain what you need to do in order to change your name on your Social Security card in a timely manner. If you do not have the form completed correctly or the documentation needed, it could slow the process down and take longer for you to get your new card.

The first step in getting your name changed is obtaining a Form SS-5. The form can be downloaded or obtained from your local Social Security office. This form must be completed and returned along with evidence of your identity. You may submit one or two documents with your old name and one or two documents with your new name as proof of identity. If you would rather, you can submit documentation with both your old and new name provided on one document. Some examples of documents that would contain both old and new are: marriage license, divorce decree, or court order changing your name. Other forms of documentation that can be used as proof of identity are your driver’s license, military records, life insurance policy, or passport. The Social Security Administration does prefer having a photo-id submitted but will accept non-photo identification if there is enough information to prove your identity (name, age, date of birth, or parent’s names). Those born outside of the United States must show proof of citizenship or alien status.
A very important point to remember is that all documents must be originals or copies certified by the issuing agency. The Social Security Administration will accept no photocopies or notarized copies. All documents will be returned to you after your request has been processed.

Once you have filled out the correct form and gathered the documentation needed to prove your identity, you can mail your application along with the documents to the Social Security Administration. If you would prefer to deliver the paperwork in person, you can drop off your forms at your local Social Security office. You should receive your card 2 weeks from the date you provided all documentation.

One important fact to note is the name will be changed on the card but the number will remain the same. Once your get your card back if you notice anything that isn’t correct or you have any other questions, contact the Social Security Administration, and they will be able to correct any discrepancies or answer any questions.

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