Makeup tip basics: The must-have products and what they do

This article highlights products and techniques of beauty must haves.
Have you ever wondered how movie stars get their skin to look radiant? How they never have dark circles walking down the red carpet, yet you heard they party all night long? You see a matriarch of films at a premier that doesn’t look as if she has aged but you know she has. How do they do it? Everyone wonders this as they watch the television or read the glossy magazines about their favorite people. Secrets to the beauty of the stars or even everyday people who look so put together when you see them can be accomplished with a few must have products.

Getting that “glow” on the skin may seem impossible unless you have perfect genes, but a couple of products will help assist in that look. The first of these products is self tanner. Adding a little color to the skin will heighten the glow and why not do it safely with a self-tanner? Neutrogena brand has a product called “Build-A-Tan” and its great for beginners because it gives light color on the first application and you can build daily on the amount of tan that you want. Neutrogena also makes a tanner called “Instant Bronzer” that has bronzer in the product so you can see where you are putting it and it gives you instant color. Apply self tanner to the face and body and you will instantly notice a healthier glow to your skin.
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Another product that produces a glow is cream blushes or luminescent products. Strategically placed and these product will give you a shimmer that can be seen across the room. Cream bases products may scare off the oily people, but technology has come a long way and most don’t contain the oils that will clog your pores or make you look greasy.

Apply a natural color to the apple of your cheeks or a light, pearl color all along the top of your cheekbone and a natural glow will instantly appear. Using luminescent product in powder or cream will rev up any type of skin. Mac Cosmetics makes a great loose iridescent powder called Golden Bronze that can be worn on the face or body. Using a large brush, carefully dip it in the lid and lightly brush your arms, legs and chest with the product. Be careful when stepping into your clothes because it will wipe off on them. If you want to give your face and instant pick me up, use a small soft brush and dab a little just below your eyebrow and sweep across the apples of your cheeks.

Are you looking a little tired with puffy eyes? A couple of products will make you look like you have had a full nights sleep. Spend a few minutes with an eye pack. These products come in many styles and sizes, but they basically do the same thing. They reduce puffiness and soothe the eye area. Lavender and Chamomile are ingredients that are used in a lot of the packs because they are anti-irritants. Try Calming Eye Tea by Soothe Your Senses. These treatment packs can be steeped in water and left to cool before placing on the eyes for a soothing and de-puffing effect.

If you need a quick fix for tired eyes you can use a couple of makeup tricks. The first and foremost is concealer to use under and around your eyes. Always have this product on hand even if you don’t wear a lot of makeup because it makes a world of difference. Use a shade a little lighter than your skin tone is you are experiencing dark circles. Be sure to use it on the eyelids as well to combat any discoloration.

Rimming the eyes with a white pencil will brighten tired eyes. Take a sharpened pencil and rim the lower wet part of the rim of your eyes, just above the lash line. The white will counteract any redness on the eyeball. Be careful with a sharp pencil, go slow and be sure to cover the whole lower rim.

Another technique used to giving the face a small lift is contouring and highlighting. All of the more mature women that use this technique know of its instant lift and use it on a daily basis. Contouring consists of using a blush two shades darker than your skin tone and applying it along the cheekbones, jaw line, eye crease and hairline. Always use a soft brush and a little of the product. Mac makes a great color in Symmetry. Next highlight with a lighter loose powder along the top of the apples of the cheeks, down the bridge of the nose and below the arch of the eyebrow. You will be amazed at the difference a little sculpting will make.

All of these techniques and products can be used with minimal effort and skill. Practicing will make perfect and the next time you see your favorite movie stars on the big screen you can smile to yourself because you know their secrets!

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