Makeup and beauty advice: Home eyebrow waxing tips for a woman

Easy and quick techniques for waxing eyebrows at home using strip wax and tweezers.

Ladies, you know the dilemma of having bushy eyebrows all too often! You tweeze but you just don’t seem to get the same effect that you do as when you go to the salon. You want to try waxing, but you’re afraid of trying it and then ending up looking like Mona Lisa with no eyebrows! Often times, you just feel like you don’t know how to wax your eyebrows properly. Well behold, ladies! Here are a few tips to help alleviate your anxiety of waxing your eyebrows at home, so get your tweezers and your wax and read on!

It’s always a good idea to first get your eyebrows done professionally at a salon. From there, you can follow the shape and touch up eyebrows at home in about 2 weeks. If you notice growth sooner, then you can wax your eyebrows probably within 7-10 days after you’ve first visited the salon.

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Makeup and beauty advice: Home eyebrow waxing tips for a woman

I highly recommend doubled sided wax strips for easy at home maintenance. Double sided wax strips eliminate the messy two step process of heating up the wax and applying it with a mini spatula. Double sided wax strips come in different sizes, and you can cut and size them down to your convenience. With double sided wax strips, all you have to do is rub them vigorously along the palms of your hands in order to warm the wax. It’s easy, and it saves time and the mess.
First, take a look in the mirror and see where the new growth of hair is coming in. You know it’s time to wax when the hair is about 1/4 to 1/3 of an inch. Take your wax strip and cut it narrow enough to cover the area to be waxed. For starters, you want to wash your face with oil free cleanser to remove any oily debris. To soften the hair follicle, and to make it less irritating you may apply face cream, or lotion to the eyebrow area, and massage into it into your eyebrows. Next, make sure you take a cotton ball and apply a dab of rubbing alcohol and pass it over your eyebrow. Be careful not to get the alcohol in your eyes. To prevent this, squeeze out any excess rubbing alcohol from the cotton ball. Applying alcohol will remove any emollients that will prevent the wax from adhering properly. Take a strip and rub it against your palms. Separate the wax strip and apply the strip to the top of your eyebrow first where the new growth is coming in. Press and rub firmly for a few seconds. Pull the inside part of your skin by the inside part of your eyebrow closest to the top of your nose, so that the skin is taut. Then, in a quick manner, pull the strip off in the opposite direction of the growth of the hair. Look at the strip and examine the hairs that have been removed. If you need to repeat the step, wait a few minutes before doing so. Repeat with the other eyebrow. Then, for the under part of the eyebrow, you may have to cut the strip in an arch in order to make removal more effective and comfortable. You don’t necessarily have to cut the strip to perfection, just enough to cover the top of the eyelid. Close the eye you are waxing and apply the strip. Rub firmly, and pull the skin so that it is taut, and again pull quickly in the opposite direction of the growth. Once both eyebrows have been waxed, you may have to use an eyebrow tweezer to remove excess hairs that are too small for the wax to grab on to. You can purchase a good eyebrow tweezer at your local pharmacy or health and beauty store. You want a small tweezer with a slant or a tweezer with a point. Having an edge instead of a rounded or blunt tip will grab hairs properly, and make removal more comfortable and effective.

During the process if your skin becomes irritated, apply a cool wet cloth to the area to minimize swelling and irritation. You may apply face cream then the alcohol again if needed.

It is very important to follow the shape of the eyebrow where the salon first shaped them. Always brush your eyebrows to the side so that you can see the true shape of your eyebrows. When waxing the under part of your eyebrow or the top of the eyelid, be sure to brush and lift the eyebrow to show the new growth and to prevent waxing and tweezing the existing eyebrow.

When finished, apply a cream or oil containing aloe vera or vitamin E to condition and soothe the skin. You may see swelling for a few hours, but the swelling should minimize and eventually disappear after a few hours or after a day.

Note, do not wax or tweeze your eyebrows and expect to go out the same day. Every one’s skin varies, and swelling and redness may differ. It is suggested to do this the night before you go about your day.

When applying make up, brush your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush and apply a little eyebrow cream or gel to keep them in place. You may also fill in your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil using quick shorthanded strokes. Be sure to blend well with the brush. Always match your eyebrow pencil closest to your eyebrow hair color.

As with everything, it just takes practice. Study the shape of your eyes and your eyebrows. You want your eyebrows to look natural and well maintained. If you feel you need more advice, ask a professional for some more tips during your next visit to the salon, or ask to hold a mirror in front of your face while they are waxing, so that you may observe the process. Before you know it, you’ll be waxing your own eyebrows like a pro!

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