Luxury living: Winery tours

Winery tours are a wonderful way to sample different wines.

No matter where it is that you love to travel, whether it is in the states or abroad, you can usually find a winery. There is a certain mystique and romanticism to wineries and often people in other professions dream of owning their own. The sprawling fields of grape vines, the bottle with your own special label, it all lends itself to an elevated feeling of sharing something very special. Almost every winery gives free public tours of their fields and cellars and visiting a winery is a great way to learn history about the region and its people and you will have a chance to really get a sense of the area you are visiting.

Wine has been around for thousands of years and each winery has different secrets of winemaking whether it be the qualities of their soil, the fertilizers they use, the amount of water the grapes get or the way the wine is actually made. Wine is stored in different kinds of barrels to give it different flavors and the grapes can be mixed in different combinations in order to achieve certain qualities to the wine. A winery tour guide will tell you that specific wineries history and how the winery got started at the beginning of the tour, and as you move on through the fields, you may learn a few of their growing secrets.
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A winery tour will usually include a visit to the vats or cellars where the wine is made and the barrels they are stored in. You will learn the complete process of winemaking from squeezing the grapes to putting the labels on the bottles. Some wineries even give you an opportunity to stomp grapes in a vat in your bare feet just like was done in the days before machinery. You may even get to taste some of the different varieties of grapes that are grown at the winery.
After a tour of the fields and cellars, you will get a chance to experience the best part of a winery tour, the wine tasting. Most wineries will have wine tasting which you can participate in without taking the tour, but the tasting is an excellent finish to an informative tour. You will get to sample any wine that the winery makes and receive suggestions about which wines go best with which foods. The folks at the winery may even be able to give you recipe suggestions to make with their wines. Wineries usually make a good number of varieties from cabernet to dessert wines so you will be able to get a very good sampling and purchase bottles of the wines that you liked the most. Wines purchased from wineries are a unique gift since many of them are not readily available in stores other than local shops.

Many wineries also host fun events such as themed celebrations, poetry readings, festivals, etc. Check the winery’s schedule of events before you plan to go or have yourself put on their mailing list to hear of upcoming announcements. A winery tour is an excellent way to spend an afternoon, learn about wine making and taste some great wines and it couldn’t be more inexpensive.

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