Luxury living: Designing the ultimate luxury living room

Designing the ultimate luxurious living room can be daunting job, but you will find that with a little work, you can create the room of your dreams on your own. Luxury may mean different things to different people. You can have a formal living dripping in chandeliers, with dark polished woods, smooth tightly woven silks, antiques, tassels, fringes and the like. On the other hand, a casual room can be luxurious as well. Homey, comfortable rooms, draped in comfortable cashmere blankets, and decorated in simple items made of wood, and iron and filled with tons of lit candles also fit into the category of ultimate luxury.

The first step in designing your room is figuring out what luxury means to you. Most people’s décor preferences fall somewhere in between the two, to help narrow down and define your personal tastes, I suggest you start by researching to find what style you consider luxurious. You can do this by gathering together all of your home decorating magazines. If you do not have any, just purchase some in which the pictures appeal to you. Search the magazines for photographs of rooms that truly inspire you. Look for rooms that resemble what you would like for yourself. Cut these pages out. These are your inspiration rooms. Look at your inspiration pictures more closely and decide what you do and do not like about each room. Cut out pictures of the looks the fabrics the furniture pieces and window coverings that you like. Arrange them on a board that you can carry with you. A folding presentation board would probably work best for you.
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You will want to start by choosing your fabrics. Look for fabrics that give you the same feel that the fabrics in your inspiration pictures gave you. If you are lucky you may even find the exact fabrics from the magazines, but if you do not, do not’ be too concerned, you will, surely find similar fabrics and some may even be less expensive but give the same feel. As for type of fabric be sure to add silks or silk-like fabrics as they are well known giving the look and feel of true luxury. Keep in mind the uses for your fabrics as you choose them. The most expensive and luxurious fabrics like silks and tapestries will last longer if you use them for the window treatments, and pillows and other accessories that do not get heavy wear. Use coordinating, and more durable items for sofas.

Your next step is to choose your wall colors using your fabrics and your inspiration board. Go to your local paint supplier and find colors to match the ones that you were drawn to in the pictures. You will also want to look at textured paints, faux painting and wallpaper if that is something that you loved when researching inspiration rooms. For colors, you may even want to look to your own wardrobe for inspiration. Choose colors that you feel most elegant in, you will most certainly feel the same way in a room pulled together from these same colors. Get paper paint samples, and attach them to your board. As for your floor covering, use the same process as you used with the fabric and paints. Pulling inspiration from your pictures, you will need to find carpets, area rugs and hard flooring surfaces that will personalize your room and make it the room of your dreams. Remember, Wool area rugs are well known for their luxurious feel as well as stone and hardwood for flooring. If these are out of your budget, you will be pleased to find excellent imitations.

At this point, you will probably feel like you have been shopping for an eternity. However, do not stop now; you are just getting to the fun part. You will want to examine your pictures to determine the style, and make of the furnishing that inspired you. This information may be available in the magazine itself, or you may be able to find something with a similar effect. Your budget will determine whether you furniture pieces are the real thing or reproductions. . I recommend buying one or two high-end items, and filling in the rest from antique stores, estate sales, and discount furniture stores. Look for a few period replicas as these give the impression of highest luxury. By mixing both high and low end furnishings; no one will be able to tell what you spent a fortune on and what was “a steal”.

Choosing accessories is the final step and may be the most important step to a well-appointed and truly luxurious room. Look closely at the accessories in you inspiration pictures and keep an eye out for similar items when shopping. Paintings should be original, not reproductions or posters. If this kind of art work blows your budget, then you may want to opt for textural wall hangings like tapestries or iron pieces. For pillows, choose silks and tapestries for that look and feel of opulence. Choose lamps, vases and other accessories that are unique and mimic your inspirational items. Chandeliers of glass or iron can be added to any room, and often brings instant luxury. Last and not least, live fresh flowers should be in every room if it is to be truly luxurious. Look at the floral arrangements in your pictures and choose the same style for greenery, and then have two or three vases ready for seasonal flowers, which should be replaced weekly.

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