Luxury living: Choosing a chandelier

A chandelier’s purpose is to dress up the room a bit in the lighting area. You’ll want to keep the level of formality in mind when making this decision.

A chandelier’s purpose is to dress up the room a bit in the lighting area. You’ll want to keep the level of formality in mind when making this decision. Do you want the room to be very fancy, somewhat fancy, a little fancy, casual but nice, or do you simply like the multiple bulbs and are really going for an art look?

There are so many different looks and options for the chandelier that it can take a great deal of careful decision making before choosing the right one in order to set off the look of the room appropriately. You may want to look at different stores and catalogs before committing to an idea.

First, you’ll want to consider the size of the room. The proper size of a chandelier is according to its proportion to the room. Measure the room’s width and length, add these two numbers together, and then divide them by two. This number in feet should be the number of inches diameter of your chandelier. If your light fixture is too big, it will have a clumsy look to it and seem out of place. If it is too small, it will seem weak and puny.
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Your next consideration will be the final room design. If you have chosen classical antiques and woods with smooth polish and ornate carving, a crystal chandelier will fit right in. If the room serves to display your prized china and cut glass pieces, and retains an air of formality, with rich fabrics in the curtains and upholstery, the beauty and detail of a traditional crystal light fixture with hanging ornaments and strands of beading will accent the room beautifully.

The ornate crystal chandelier will not, however, look good in an unfinished, simple wood, sleek theme where most of the decor veers toward modern in appearance. For the modern room, you will want to find a far less traditional look, but can still have the elegance of a chandelier in different forms. For the modern room, depending upon your level of formality, a chandelier with uniqueness and character will add charm and interest to the decor.

Consider the material composition of the room as well. Is there a great deal of metal work? Is there chrome, glass, or black lacquer? Leather will lend a more casual look to the room, and you will want to find a look that offsets your leather in the mood that you intend. Not all leather is country. You may find that your black leather couch looks fabulous with a modern cut glass chandelier. If your leather does want to be ranch style, you may find a unique sculpted light fixture made of welded horse shoes and barbed wire with candle light fixtures.

For an entryway, you may want to display a particularly spectacular lighting fixture. Keeping in mind the correct proportions, it may be appropriate in such a location to stay a bit on the large side, but keep the fixture well blended with the room’s theme. A chandelier in conjunction with a specially displayed piece of art will make a dramatic entrance when chosen to enhance one piece or the other.

In a casual space, any chandelier with personality will take the look of the room to another level of entertainment. Decorating your casual areas with charm can add a point of interest, a conversation piece, and may set the mood to a good notch above boring. In searching for the right casual chandelier, you may want to check the art shows, the flea markets, the antique dealers, and the novelty furniture stores.

In decorating any room, simply choose the most important piece of furniture or fabric as your central guide with which to build an entire look. If this piece turns out to be your great new novelty chandelier, you can create a look that makes it look even greater. If your room has a fireplace mantel, you will want to choose your chandelier and room design to fit with the existing style of the mantel.

Finally, be sure to take into consideration the level of light you will want in your room. You may want a dimmer on the lights. Turning down the lights for different occasions, such as evening meals or relaxing together with friends, can make a tremendous difference in the environment and can make or break the mood.

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