Love horoscopes: Zodiac sign compatibility for cancer and leo

Cancer and Leo embody opposite extremes in terms of self-esteem and self-image, making love compatibility rare.

It’s a rare and funny thing indeed when a Cancer and a Leo fall in love with one another. These two zodiac signs are known for embodying opposite extremes when it comes to self-esteem and self-image, so when hearts melt and egos dissolve, there’s plenty of drama to be played out in front of friends, and really, anyone else who’s a willing ear or potential audience.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, whereas Cancer is ruled by the Moon, making the difference between these two signs like night and day, in every sense. Leo, the Lion, is the great exemplar of pride but also of generosity. Cancer, the Crab, emanates enormous sensitivity but also neediness. Leo is popularly known as the most outgoing and playful sign in the zodiac, possessing the natural ability to make heads turn upon entering a crowded room. So what if one of these heads belongs to a wistful, admiring Cancer?Love horoscopes 300x273 Love horoscopes: Zodiac sign compatibility for cancer and leo After all, part of being Leo means that you find yourself constantly surrounded by a flock of admirers, making you the envy of others. If Cancer acts quickly and doesn’t let its notorious insecurity take over and immediately send him or her into a state of self-doubt, circular thinking, and paralysis, the result will be a positive and healthy break from habit that is rewarding in itself. If anything, these two signs can teach each other a great deal about self-image. Cancer can learn seamless confidence and the finer aspects of social grace from Leo. Moreover, it has never hurt any Cancer to see themselves in an equal relationship with someone whose star sign is the one identified with power and charisma, which many Cancers secretly envy. In return, Leo may feel more inclined to share the spotlight or wealth, for example, suddenly turning down the chance to be the usual center of attention at parties in favor of a one-on-one relationship that offers the depth and loyalty of a Cancer partner or aiding Cancer through social or professional connections. In general, these two signs can help each other become better people, with Cancer helping Leo shed its self-centeredness, and Leo helping Cancer shed its self-consciousness.

But does all this back-and-forth nurturing make for a passionate or lasting relationship? Leos need attention like plants need sunlight, and sometimes they fall back on their string of admirers because they truly do believe there is such thing as harmless flirting. What’s even more astonishing to others is the fact that many Leos flirt on an entirely unconscious level, as though it were only natural for them to be the object of desire of everyone they met! In comparison, once Cancers make an emotional commitment, they tend to be rather possessive. This means that if clingy Crabs feel their partners drifting away, they do whatever they can to hold on, which at its ugliest, means hurting them. As a result, this pairing could be a mutually draining combination. It is worth noting, however, that combinations of shyer Leos and more outgoing Cancers have a much better chance at finding a happy medium, although these relationships are more likely to be platonic rather than romantic.
The Cancer-Leo dynamic can be overwhelmingly positive in professional relationships or friendships, as their ability to reflect self-image in one another can be constructive for both parties. However, it’s a very rare thing for these two zodiac signs to look in the mirror, so to speak, and truly fall in love.

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