Look your age: Three makeovers to make a woman look younger

Three great makeover changes to help a woman look younger.

When it comes to looking younger, women tread a fine line. There are a number of great options available, but it seems some simply draw attention to the fact that we are too old to be employing them. (Ever seen a fifty-something in a tube top with glitter around her eyes?) So in an effort to make things a little easier, I have narrowed down our options to three areas in which any woman can make a change for the better.

1. Do something with your hair:

Listen ladies, one of the easiest ways to make yourself look younger is to update your hairstyle. If it’s long, cut it. If it’s short, change the style. And one thing you can do with any type of hair is color it. Don’t go too dramatic, just a slight change will make a difference. If you’ve gone gray, add some color, and if you’ve got dark hair, lighten up with some highlights. Use a stylist you know and trust – this is not an adventure you typically want to undertake on your own. Take in magazine pictures of cuts or colors you admire so that your stylist has a clear idea of the look you’re after. A good stylist will tell you which cuts will work with your hair type and which won’t. And if the change doesn’t turn out for the better, don’t be afraid to say so. You’re paying for this service, make sure you’re happy with the new look. You get what you pay for; any reputable salon will make sure you’re satisfied even if it means having you back in for another service the next day.

Look your age Three makeovers to make a woman look younger Look your age: Three makeovers to make a woman look younger

Look your age: Three makeovers to make a woman look younger

2. Update your makeup:

Are you forty years old and still wearing turquoise eye shadow? I’ll be blunt . . . throw it out. Paris Hilton is the only one who can pull it off, and she’s in her twenties. The point is not to be trendy, you can take care of that with your shoes and jewelry – use the colors that allow your natural beauty to be revealed. Step one is to find a good foundation. Find something that matches your skin tone even if you’re as pale as a ghost. To reduce the look of fine lines and even out any blotchiness, I recommend a compact foundation. You can apply it very lightly, but because of its consistency it will cover well and still look natural. Step two is to make adjustments with your eye makeup. Throw out the blues and pinks and lavenders and invest in some neutrals, and tone down your mascara to a brown black rather than using a harsher, darker color. The final step is to update your smile. Get a good whitening toothpaste – whiter teeth will take ten years off your look. Next add a lip-gloss to your palette. Beware of the tendency to join in with the teenagers and pick something with glitter in it. Only a thirteen year old can pull this off. A good lip-gloss should act to tone down the severity of your lipstick or rev up the look of bare lips.

When in doubt, employ the opinion of an expert. Observe the women who work at the cosmetic counters in your local department store, and ask advice from those individuals who have the look you’re after.

3. Skinwork:

The family I grew up in would consider a facial as a waste of time and money. But a good facial – especially one that employs a strong exfoliator like a microderm abrasion – is definitely worth the sacrifice of both. It will take the puffiness out of your eyes, tighten your skin, and make you glow all over. My own recommendation is to find a salon or dermatology center that uses products from Epicuren. This is a line of skin care products that actually stimulate the skin to produce new cells. Originally designed to help heal the skin of burn victims, the company has medical grade products that will combat the discoloration of Rosacea and ease the cracking painfulness of Eczema. They even have a cream that helps to erase liver spots, so give your hands an update as well!

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