Long hair styles: How bangs will change your look

Change your long hair style with bangs, to look youthful, flirtatious, casual or sexy.
Long and healthy hair is an achievement. The versatility of wearing it up or down allows scores of style possibilities.

But what happens when you have worn every bun, upsweep and cascade of curls possible? What do you do when you want to change your look without sacrificing the length you have achieved? You experiment with bangs.

Bangs can change your look subtly or dramatically. Bangs can be youthful, flirtatious, casual or sexy. The impact of one’s bangs is dependent upon the cut and the length of them. Bangs can be short, long or mini. They can be layered, precise or wispy. Many combinations are possible between these cut and length options.
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Bangs are typically associated with youthful girls. We’re all familiar with the rosy cheek little girl with pig tails and a full bang. We also know the classic teenager with a bouncy ponytail and bangs.

Well, you don’t have to be less than twenty years to be youthful. Achieve a youthful look with soft edged brow length bangs. These bangs should extend from one brow tip to the other. The bang should be full with a slight bend at the ends.

Wear this style bang with a ponytail or the hair down. Bangs also allow one to conceal lines in the forehead, thus providing a more youthful look. Make sure the bang doesn’t extend past the brow or it will be too heavy and dominate the face. Remember you are framing the face, not hiding it.

Sometimes you want a more relaxed look, yet still mature. Pair a precision cut bang with a bun or chignon. This bang can be from mid-forehead to brow bone in length.

Casual bangs can also be layered and swept to the side. Layered bangs should be eye length when un-layered, so that they are brow length when flipped up.

This look is good for weekends, stay at home moms and those with less formal occupations.

Flirtatious and Sexy
Flirtatious and sexy bangs can change your look dramatically. These bangs are always long. Sometimes they are layered and sometimes they are wispy. Layer these bangs and maintain the length from the nose bridge to the nose tip. They can be flipped up with a curling iron and swept to the side. They can also be multi length and wispy for a very soft effect.

The point is that they partially cover your eyes and lend an air of mystique. Layered bangs can be worn with one’s hair down, buns, ponytails or upsweeps. Wispy bangs look best with hair down or ponytails, especially low hung ponytails.

This bang is great for evening galas and romantic dinners. It also works for those of us with artistic occupations or in the fashion business.

Whether you desire a subtle or dramatic change, bangs can help you achieve a new look. Bangs can be adapted to fit your lifestyle, whether casual, youthful or sexy. You can wear them long and layered or short and sassy. Bangs are versatile and timeless. You can bring these same qualities to your look.

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