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Many awesome magazines titled as ‘lifestyle’ are available in nowadays. As the term itself refers it all that ‘it is the way, style, attitude or attributes and the way through which we spend our lives’. For people it must be interesting to know that these magazines give you the complete reviews of the different lifestyles carried on these days and how you can improve your lifestyle.

lifestyle Lifestyle in the magazines

They have different food blogs, women blogs, fashion blog, gardening blog, parenting, homes, health and diet and all the stuff, which leads to happy, healthy and successful lifestyle. Nowadays the trend of magazines and newspaper are decreasing day by day as online sites and blogs now replace them where one can get anything and everything about lifestyles due to easy availability of internet services around the globe.

Now none is confined to limited access about lifestyle of his or her country but about all around the world and hence people are going trying it on. It is just not about the magazines but also many online sites named as ‘lifestyle’ which provide all the awesome stuff necessary which we use in our daily life whether it be of kitchen, furniture, fashion, household stuff, exercise machinery, cosmetics and makeup or the latest and trendy clothes and shoes.

A survey that has been held in UK tells that ‘a woman spend around three hours of her life in kitchen’. She spends 18 days in a year and in that daily for 20 minutes, she is found relaxing in her kitchen with either a cup of coffee or a magazine.

However, this survey is for UK whereas in a country like Pakistan the time span is much high. Hence, the lifestyle is not as healthy as it should have been. Not only for women but for men too who spend their whole day in office working sitting on their chair and then back at home watching television or using internet.

This type of lifestyle is seems to be hazardous for their health’s but they are ignorant of the facts. Therefore, these magazines and online sites are of great use to not only to increase their knowledge but also to scare them as such people only take initiative for themselves when they are afraid.

We know that now we have developed so much in science and medical department but still we the death rate is high. One of the reasons known is the unhealthy lifestyle. One who is leading his or her life as per the way they should by spending proper amount of time on work, rest, exercise, games and other activities they are at peace. One can lead a happy, healthy life only by having an awesome or can say incredible lifestyle.

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