Layered hair styles: Are choppy layered hair styles hard to maintain?

The more layers you have, the harder your hairstyle is to maintain.

Actresses Halle Berry, Meg Ryan and Sharon Stone are all well known for something besides their stellar acting skills. They are also famous for their fabulous short, choppy haircuts! If you are reading this article, then more than likely you or someone you know want a haircut just as fabulous. However, before you go running into your salon and handing your hairstylist a photo of one of your favorite famous haircuts to duplicate– STOP AND READ THIS FIRST! Take it from me. While these hairstyles are short and cute, and may look simple, they do not maintain themselves. There are a few things you should first take into consideration.

  • Is your regular stylist good at cutting hair?

If your layered cut is not skillfully done, it will take more time and work to maintain. Just because your stylist gives you a nice trim or clips your ends from time to time does NOT necessarily mean he/she knows anything about layered cutting. Layered hair cutting is a very involved, detailed art and all stylists do not have the eye for it. Talk to your stylist extensively about the work he/she has done and even try and get some references. Failing to do this could leave you regretting your decision. If you talk to your stylist and are not quite comfortable with his/her level of comfort on the subject, I strongly suggest you listen to that little voice in your head and go find someone else.

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Layered Hair Style Tips

  • Is this a wash and wear style or will you have work to do when you get up in the morning?

As I said before, some layered haircuts look a lot simpler than they are, but all layered cuts require some amount of maintenance. Talk to your stylist in detail about what you will have to do to maintain your do. Some haircuts look fabulous when you walk out of the salon, but after a couple of nights of sleeping on your hair, it may start to look flat and you may have to break out the curling iron for up to an hour or more of re-styling. Also, be sure to ask what will happen when you wash it. Depending on how many layers you have and their lengths, you may find it hard to redefine your layers after washing you hair. Don’t make the mistake of thinking to yourself that when you don’t feel like styling it, you can gel it down for a simple, sexy look. Depending upon the “choppy-ness” of your layers, your hair may not gel down as well as you might imagine.

  • Will your haircut require you to buy special products to maintain the style?

Be sure to ask your stylist this very question. Some haircuts may require special hair care products that are expensive and cannot be found in a lot of beauty supply stores. Also, even though you may have curling irons at home, your stylist may tell you that you need a special size to maintain the layers, depending upon how many there are and the differences in the layer lengths.

  • Are you really ready for a layered relationship with your hair?

Remember—the more layers you have, the harder your hairstyle is to maintain. You cannot always look at a hairstyle and tell how layered it is. Make sure you ask your stylist about this. If you have some layers in the back that are extremely short, re-styling/curling them is usually very tedious and sometimes nearly impossible. Unless you have money to throw around, you are not going to want to go back to your stylist every time you lose the patience to restyle your layers, so make sure you know exactly what you are getting into.

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