Lance Armstrong emotional reveals

Lance Armstrong former professional road racing cyclist was the center of attraction for the last 4 to 5 months because of his ban on his awesome profession road racing. He was disqualified from Tour de France in 2012 because of using performance enhance drugs.

lance amstrong chez Oprah Winfrey Lance Armstrong emotional revealsLance Amstrong and Oprah

He always use to deny for admitting his sinful act but now 1 day back he just  reveals in his interview to Oprah Winfrey about his continuous use of performance enhance drugs in his career life along with the distribution of drugs.

Armstrong reveals about his drug usage is the biggest swat from the last two days. Everyone is concerned about his acts.

Armstrong was the person who always refused to talk about his act. He even refused to appeal the decision against him to the Court. He personally opt Winfrey to reveal his truth which seems to be another big mystery.

During his interview the most sentimental moment was when he reveals that how he told his oldest child that all rumors about his father are true.

Lance Amstrong : the interview

That was the most awesome and catchy moment of the interview as he was totally choked at that time. Armstrong seems to be more prominent during the interview it seems as if he is the host himself, as the Winfrey failed to ask questions about his acts and behavior but only Armstrong himself talk about his thoughts, behavior, ideas and even about the punishments which he himself wants to give.

Winfrey interview to Armstrong catch an eye only because of Armstrong acceptance of his sinful acts in front of his son. Armstrong informed her that from last few months he started to take steps against his mental condition.

He announced that in his last holidays he told his son that all shaky ideas and questions about his father career are correct and he accepts his crime.

Armstrong said he told to his son that he wants him to accept the bitter reality about his father as his son trust upon him is giving him more torture and making him sick.

In the last session of interview he apologize all his followers and public. He said that their hatred for him is justified as he betrays all the people but he appeals to forgive him.

He said that Winfrey program is the awesome platform for him to reveal his acts, minimize some of his bad feelings and to get the people clear their minds about him and his acts.

But in all his interview he didn’t reveals that what was the reason of usage of these drugs, when he start its usage and on whom advice he start taking drugs.

These issues still needs to be revealed so hope so for one another mega hit interview of Armstrong which will help us to clear our fishy questions.





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