Kids birthday ideas: Easy birthday party ideas for a toddler

Discover several easy party ideas that your toddler is sure to love in this comprehensive guide to birthday party planning.

Clowns and party games are typical features of a kid’s birthday party; however they may not be practical choices if you’re planning a party for a toddler. The fact is such activities are just too overwhelming for a young child who prefers the comfort of familiar activities. Read on for several easy party ideas that your toddler is sure to love.

Sandbox party- If you have a sandbox in your backyard, then you have the makings for the perfect toddler birthday party. Fill the sandbox with buckets, shovels and other fun sandbox toys, then let the kids go to work digging and building. This simple idea will keep the kids busy for hours without costing you a dime.
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Coloring party- There are few activities that toddlers love more than coloring, so why not throw a coloring party? Just roll out some newsprint on the table or floor, and let the kids go to work. For a simple, inexpensive party favor, provide each guest with a box of crayons when they arrive. They can use the crayons while they are at the party, and then take them home afterwards for more coloring fun.
Water table- Satisfy your toddler’s fascination with water by setting up a water table for his guests and him to play in. Just fill a couple plastic storage bins with a few inches of water, and place them on a child-sized table. (Under bed storage containers work great.) Then, add some sail boats, rubber ducks and other water toys, and sit back while the kids play. (Note: Never leave children unattended while they are playing with water.)

Playground party- For a fun, no-mess party, invite guests to a play date at the park. Kids will have a blast playing on the playground equipment, and you won’t be left with a huge mess to pick up once the party is over. You can even encourage parents to stay and help out.

Cardboard box forts- You’ve no doubt heard parents remark that often their child seems to like the box his or her present came in more than the present itself, so why not capitalize on this phenomenon? Collect several large cardboard boxes, and then convert them into forts for the partygoers to play in. This is as simple as cutting a hole for a doorway, and a few smaller holes for windows. You can even get your toddler to help you decorate the boxes with paint or crayons before the party.

Goodie bags- Now that you have several toddler-approved party ideas, it’s time to think about toddler-approved goodie bags. Since most party favor toys are too small for toddlers, it’s best to avoid them all together. Instead put together goodie bags of toddler-friendly snacks. Raisins, animal crackers and fruit snacks are tasty, inexpensive treats that most toddlers love.

When it comes to planning a toddler’s birthday party, remember to stick with simple ideas. Your toddler doesn’t have any expectations of grandeur, so there’s no need to waste time and money on a lavish affair.

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