Kid and child theme party ideas

Birthday parties should be in a kid’s memory forever. Here’s some ideas for memorable themes for your child’s birthday party.

For kids, birthdays are things they remember and cherish throughout their life. Birthdays mean a lot to kids, so they should be special to create lasting memories. In this article we will give ideas for the following kid party themes: All About Trains, Princess Party, Spiderman party, and Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle. Each of these themes would be excellent for a child’s party and have great games to go along with them.

Many kids are fascinated with trains. A good way to suit a child’s want of trains is to have his entire birthday party be about trains. To start off your child’s party, you want to make the invitations in a train theme. You can style the invitations after a “boarding pass,” like the children being invited had all bought train tickets. They could say “You will be arriving at Justin’s seventh birthday party at 2:00 pm, on July the 22.” “Please show your pass at the ticket booth when you arrive.” You will want to have a ticket window at the entrance to the party. You can make one easily by taking a screen off one of your front room windows, and using it as your ticket window. If you don’t want to remove a screen off your window, or don’t have a big enough one by your front door, then simply decorate your front door, and use it as your ticket window. Have the children hand you their ticket, and either stamp or write on it so you know they arrived. To make your house look more like a boarding station, make railroad crossing signs and put them in your front yard so the guests can see them as they walk up. Make sure the signs are tall enough, and clearly say “Rail Road Crossing” on them. For the flashing lights on each side, glue, or tape, red bike deflectors on each of them. If you don’t have deflectors that can easily come off your bikes, you could just color red lights on each sign. Now, for the party activities you can make a Train itinerary. On top paint the name of the person having the birthday, then paint (or write) under it something like: First stop: Guest Arrival: from 2:00-2:25. Second stop: Play Town 2:30-3:00 (In either the backyard or the pool). Third stop: Piñata Play Station 3:01-3:25. Fourth stop: Present City 3:26-3:45. Fifth stop: Cake and Ice Cream Town 3:46-4:00. Sixth stop: Extra Play time Station 4:01- 4:15. Final stop: Guest Departure 4:15- 4:30. You can also have goodie bags, but if you have a piñata, then you might not want to give them any more candy. If you do want to make goodie bags, then make candy trains and put them in the bags. To make a candy train you will need for each train, a Starburst pack (or something else long and rectangular like a tootsie roll or lifesaver pack), a pack of Rolos, four Life Savers (or circular hard candy), and a caramel cube. Glue the Rolos to one of the long sides of the Starburst pack. Then glue the caramel cube to the same side as the Rolos. Glue the four pieces of hard candy like wheels, so the train can stand with the Rolo side on top. These will surely spice up your train party.

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Kid and child theme party ideas

All little girls want to be a princess, so a princess party will be a favorite. For invitations glue a plastic crown to the front and tell them to wear the crown to the party along with their most beautiful princess dress. When the girls arrive have a box of princess accessories for them to choose from like costume jewelry, feather boas, gloves and hats. Have a luncheon complete with tea set and petite finger sandwiches. Make a cardboard castle out of large refrigerator and washing machine boxes. Take pictures of the girls in front of the castle. Send the girls home with their own feather boas and costume jewelry.

Spiderman is extremely popular right now so finding decorations, cups, plates, napkins and party favors in the Spiderman theme is very easy. If you can get a large movie poster or cardboard Spiderman to decorate with that would be ideal. A fun Spiderman game is a treasure hunt using a large spider web. Give each guest a goodie bag. The guests will follow the end of a piece of string until they reach a prize or piece of candy. Before the party cut long pieces of string and attach the prizes to them and distribute them around the yard intertwining the string. The guests will have to work together to solve the web and get their prizes. Another fun activity would be making spider goop. To make goop you will need per guest; 1 cup of corn starch, ¼ cup of water, and a mixing bowl. Another fun activity is Spiderman web tag. Here is how you play: bring the kids outside, the person who is it has a can of silly string, he must spray and web a person for that person to be it. The can passes to the person who is now it and have everyone shake the web off of them every time there is a new person who is it. Send each boy home with a goodie bag with their own can of silly string.

Harry Potter is very popular for both boys and girls. Harry Potter decorations and invitations are easy to find right now. You can make your own invitations in the shape of a newspaper called, “The Daily Prophet” Have an article reporting on the birthday party giving when, where and who the party is for. You can decorate the party as if they are in Hogwarts Castle. Make The Great Hall where everyone will have the cake and ice cream. To make the room look like it has stone walls get large refrigerator boxes and paint stones on them. You can hang a variety of old portraits or paint your own on the walls. You can also have a cauldron of dry ice for special effects. Old mirrors and purple and gold streamers also make a great touch. For a fun party game make your garage into a Shrieking Shack obstacle course. Use refrigerator boxes again to make hallways. Have dry ice, black lights and strobe lights to conceal the room. Have a mini trampoline for part of your obstacle course, and other various objects. You can give the kids a map to get through the course. You can have a person in a werewolf or black dog costume to scare the kids. Have bats hanging from the ceiling. Another fun game to play would be a treasure hunt. Split the group up, unless there are not many kids there. Put directions on the map so the kids will end up in a candy store (Honeydukes). You might want to have this activity at a nearby park for room, but you can always include the house and backyard. Make a small store out of more refrigerator boxes, or simply use one from before. Some of the candy and prizes that you can include in the store are gummy rats, frogs or lizards, pop rocks and Bertie Bott jelly beans, Harry Potter glasses, and glow wands.

Any birthday party should be fun, and have lots of good activities. If you just plan right, than any birthday party would be very fun, and your child will remember it forever.

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