Justin Bieber Fell Down at London Concert

Justin Bieber Fell Down at London Concert!

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Justin Bieber Fell Down at London Concert

Of the four shows he had at London, Justin Bieber did only three and collapsed the third one on Thursday night.

He was then given oxygen by some medical service provider after a little while which he returned to complete the fourth and the final show. Following the fourth show, Justin was taken for admittance to a hospital.

Justin told that before his performance, he felt something about his health wasn’t right and this started at backstage. Further, Justin’s’ representative told that he did not fell on stage but on backstage.

A little while after his admittance to the hospital, he came up with loving and thanks giving comments for his fans all around and said that he was trying to get to know what actually had went wrong.

Justin’s manager praised Biebers’ bravery and stamina of how he always gets to end up his shows and never does the boy give up. Also, the manager let all know of how Justin have been having problems with his lungs and that the doctors at the backstage wanted Justin to go for some checkup to see what exactly had went wrong with his lungs.

Also, before the show got started, Justin’s manager told the audience about the breathing problems Justin had been facing for a while and that he wanted them to be patient as Justin won’t be able to jump or yell as much as he normally does.

The first show, as promised by the manger was to get started in about forty minutes after he had told about Justins’ breathing issues but to all Justins’ fans’ disappointment, it began after two hours. This was really disturbing for the audience. Justin made it up by coming two minutes earlier in the second show he did there.

All his stay at London had not been that good and all Justin’s fans bombarded twitter with heavy comments against the media who did not treat him well during all his stay. The exaggeration by media of Justin’s birthday and the photos of him taken while he was shirtless before his party at some club were highly talked about by all Biebers’ fans.



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