Is there a way to determine if you have spiritual gifts?

How can we discover what our spiritual gifts are? And once we discover them how can we utilize theses blessings to our advantage?

Are you spiritually gifted? In a word – yes! You are a spiritual being, and all spiritual beings possess their own unique gifts expressly designed in order to aid us in our spiritual growth and help us along our life paths.

A more difficult question is what exactly are your personal spiritual gifts? Perhaps you are so unsure that you’ve never even realized you have any. Some people’s gifts appear so obvious, such as healers who help the sick or artists whose work moves the soul. But there are those of us whose gifts are perhaps more subtle, so much so that we have taken them for granted. Perhaps we have, during our busy lives, ignored them or forgotten them. Some of us have been taught growing up that our gifts were not worthwhile, unimportant, trivial, or even something to fear– and so our natural gifts went without nurturing, or we were directed away from that particular path.
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But our gifts never go away. They are a talent, an inclination buried deep within us that never goes away. They may be rusty from not having been used, or we may have created mental blocks that we have to break down before we can fully embrace them, but they are still there, waiting to be used and to aid us in life. The first thing you have to do is find out what your gifts are.
On your search, pray for guidance; never underestimate the power of prayers. Ask whatever Higher Power you believe in to help you discover your spiritual gifts, so that you may use them as it was intended for the betterment of you and all you know.

Begin by taking stock of yourself. Is there anything you ever felt good at or particularly drawn to? Music? Are you good at comforting people when they are down and out? When you were a child, could you sense things that others couldn’t, or know things without having been told? Do you find it easy to lead or organize a group into taking action to make changes or help others?

Take out a sheet of paper and make a list of anything you feel you are or might be exceptionally good at; don’t rule out anything as unworthy or trivial. I know someone who has an amazing gift for, of all things, housekeeping. The woman is the Michael Jordan of cleaning; no clutter or stain stands a chance against her. She makes things as good as new, and with such ease that most people around her look on in awe of what she can accomplish in a short time with a bottle of bleach and a rag. Now cleaning house may not sound like such a great gift, but she utilizes it for her own benefit by keeping herself and her family happy; she takes a great deal of pleasure in sitting down to rest at night in an immaculate home and in the fact that her family always looks their best in their impeccably laundered clothing. She also uses this gift to benefit those around her. Whenever someone she knows is going through stressful times, such as facing the death of a loved one, moving to a new home, having a new baby, or getting over an illness, she visits them and helps them by getting their surroundings sparkling clean and in order. This something for which people are very grateful when they feel their lives are overwhelming, or when they are having a hard time caring for themselves. Rather than dismissing this gift as something minor or insignificant, she fully embraces it. She is considered a godsend to many people in her community for the troubled times through which she has quietly helped them by taking such small burdens (which can seem so great during stressful times in life) off of their shoulders.

If you are having trouble making your own list, try asking those around you what they think; you may not realize you are gifted in something because it comes so easy for you, but others who know you may be able to see them more clearly. If all else fails, consider taking an aptitude test, or explore your abilities by taking workshops and classes in new things that have always interested you, just to see what clicks.

Consider what you can do with the talents you have uncovered. First, what can you do to help yourself? Is there some talent you have been ignoring that you could turn into a home-based business? Are there talents you could build upon by going back to school or taking courses so that you could eventually leave a job you don’t like to do something you would find more fulfilling? Of course, you don’t need to turn your gifts into a career. Maybe you simply have been ignoring gifts that you should be utilizing for your own relaxation and enjoyment, such as drawing or writing; indulging in the practice of your gifts, even if not profitable in monetary rewards, can be profitable to the spirit and, ultimately, to your quality of life.

Another way to use your gifts is to offer them to help your fellow human beings or your planet. For example, if art is your gift, perhaps you can offer your services to a charitable organization to teach your techniques to children or senior citizens. If you are very good with your hands in fixing things around the house, maybe there is a widow on your block or local church that would very much appreciate a handy person’s aid. Perhaps you are a great listener, or motivational speaker; consider counseling or tutoring troubled students at schools. By sharing your gifts to help others, you will also be helping yourself. For every life you touch or thing you change for the better, no matter in how small a way, will have an effect on you as well.

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