If you are suffering from a Break up here are the tips to tackle it.

 If you are suffering from a Break up here are the tips to tackle it.

Ashley Judd and Dariio Franchiits breakup  If you are suffering from a Break up here are the tips to tackle it.

Ashley Judd and Dariio

Are you just plain fed up of your relationship? Those days were awesome. Love is blind and first love is magical. You enter a whole new world of kissing, hugging, holding hands and you consider it to be the best time of your life. There is a rush of excitement and emotions that comes with the first relationship. Break up is a situation in which life is completely altered and it is very hard to handle. Now the question is why breakups occur in relationship? Reasons are the third party factor, the miss- judgments factor, the season factor, the deception factor, the growth factor, the unfulfilled expectations factor, the insecurity factor, the running away factor, the opposition factor, the waking up factor.

Let it out. You can simply share your feelings with your parents, someone you trust, your friends, someone who recognize what are you going through, even having a good cry on shoulder of a comforting friend or family member. Don’t afraid to cry just find a place where you can be alone you don’t have to start blubbering in class. Be kind to yourself. Remember what is good for you. Remind yourself of your good qualities don’t blame yourself and if this is happening than nip it in the bud. Take good care of yourself get lots of sleep, eat healthy foods this will minimize depression and anxiety. Do the things you normally enjoys you can go for a concert. Keep yourself busy. Give yourself time. Be patient with yourself and let the healing begin.

Remember the fact that things always happen for a reason. A heart break hurts but hearts heal. You job is to stay away. Several lessons a girl learn after break up. Being single is okay. Love is not enough. Communication and trust are essential. Reveal sooner than later. Once a cheater is always a cheater. On a positive note parents should not judge the boy or a girl some hurts are for development. Parents should listen to them parents cannot change what happened they must sound broad and should help their child.

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