Ideas and tips for creating elegant balloon decorations for your wedding reception

Elegant balloon wedding reception ideas

The thought of decorating your wedding reception with balloons might bring to mind tacky wedding decorations from the 1980s. However, balloons can be an affordable and surprisingly elegant option for wedding receptions. Considering that the average American wedding and reception costs $20,000, a bride can hardly pass up the opportunity to save some money while creating unique, affordable reception decorations.

Option #1: A balloon wedding arch

The most traditional wedding arch with balloons consists of a long string of balloons tied together into a large arch that forms a backdrop to the wedding party table, or forms an arch through which guests can walk as they enter the reception hall. The easiest way to make a wedding arch is to purchase a pre-made plastic arch form from a balloon specialty company. A recent survey of online retailers (found by searching for “balloon wedding arch”) found 25-foot long arch plastic frames for under $10 (balloons not included), and decorating strips that can be made into any shape (such as a heart or the wedding couple’s initials) can be purchased for as little as $0.30/foot. Balloon decorating strips have a hole drilled into the strip for the neck of an inflated, tied balloon to fit into, and are spaced at appropriate intervals to allow the balloons to touch each other without any empty space in between. Choose two colors that reflect the wedding colors (such as the bridesmaids’ dresses and the flowers) for the balloon colors. More than two colors will look disorganized, while a single color may look boring.Sleek Gossip Your source for the latest fashion trends entertainment news lifestyle tips and more l Ideas and tips for creating elegant balloon decorations for your wedding reception

Option #2: The balloon centerpiece

For an elegant table centerpiece, choose two complementary colors of balloons and a single color of ribbon. Fill the balloons with helium, and tie each balloon with 5 feet of ribbon. Pull the ribbons through the hole in the bottom of a 5” diameter flowerpot, and securely tie into a knot on the bottom of the pot so that the balloons form a tight bunch several feet above the flowerpot, as if they are growing out of the pot. Fill the flowerpot with sand and heavy rocks to keep the flowerpot in place. For the most elegant effect, paint the flowerpot to accent the balloons, and use colored rocks (available at your local craft store) for the top layer in the pot. Alternatively, tie the balloons together and secure to a silver picture frame with a photo of the couple, or a photo of the bride or groom as a child.

Option #3: Free-form balloons

If the wedding reception is being held in a room with a ceiling that is not excessively high (such as a cathedral ceiling or an atrium), a fun alternative is to tie long streaming ribbons to balloons filled with helium that are allowed to float freely throughout the room. Make the streamers long enough to reach without a ladder (to make clean-up easy), but make sure the ribbons do not hit guests in the head. For the best visual effect, choose two complementing colors for the balloons, such as purple and lavender, or white and silver, then use streamers of the same colors as the balloons. For a truly elegant effect, use all white balloons with silver streamers. This type of balloon decoration creates a festive atmosphere reminiscent of a New Years Eve party. When using helium-filled balloons, be sure to fill the balloons on the day of the reception to ensure that the balloons have adequate helium to stay afloat throughout the party. Then sit back and enjoy your party, knowing that you have created a festive, elegant reception atmosphere without breaking the bank!

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