How To Avoid A Divorce

How To Avoid A  Divorce

How To Avoid A Divorce How To Avoid A  Divorce

How To Avoid A Divorce

Have you ever imagined the life of a those children whose parents get divorce? They were leading an AWESOME life before their parent’s divorce. Their parent’s divorce makes a turning point in their lives whether the divorce happened many years ago or is taking place right now. No matter what are the circumstances the children will experience deep pain loss and grief just because of their parents. Divorce leads to stress full conditions for the husband and wife and result into circumstances that have a traumatic effect on child as well. Divorce is the official break up of marriage. Divorce is typically a painful process for all concerned. It affects finances, living arrangements, household’s job, schedules and more.

Some problems in marriage can be resolved through variety of ways like counseling but sometimes the only solution to living happily is by parting away. More women have been initiating divorce as compared to men. Divorce happens due to many reasons. Divorce happens because there is a lack of understanding between the couple. Sadly people have not learned to live together it is only because they are too broke to proceed with the divorce. When couple feel they can no longer live together due to fighting and anger. When husband is having an affair with someone else. Or some time it is due to some serious problem like drinking, gambling and abuse, money, sentence abuse, sexual problems, immaturity and jealous attitude, in laws, lack of communication, failed expectations. Sometimes nothing happens but the couple decides to live apart. Almost half of the marriages end in divorce in US. There are 20 million people in America who are divorced.

Instant strategies to avoid divorce can be have sex, work especially (wives), spend time apart, do small recognizable tasks, be honest and ask for honesty in return, be open to change, empathize with your partner, be open to change , materialistic couple exhibit eroding communication, poor conflict resolution and low resolution to each other so be thrifty , be AWESOME . Marriage is a commitment it may not be rosy and perfect and AWESOME all the time but so is life right? Your association depends completely on you and your spouse so think about it

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