How to remove a henna tattoo from skin in a safe way

Removing guide: How to remove a henna tattoo

Getting a Henna Tattoo or Mendi art design on your body is a fun way to express yourself or enjoy a part of another culture! Traditionally Mendi art (Henna Tattooing) is done in India and other Hindu cultures to celebrate marriages! The bride to be and wedding party too, has elaborate designs drawn on their hands and feet with Henna. These designs are very intricate and they are NOT just for decoration! According to the beliefs of the culture, the final color of the art will determine how much the bride loves her husband to be! The darker the stain of the henna, the more she loves her husband, the lighter, the less in love she is.

The science behind the color and love is this: Henna is actually activated by your own body heat. When you have warm hands and feet, the henna will be a darker richer color than if you have cold feet and hands. When you are very nervous, you get “cold feet”, right? If you have cooler feet and hands the color will NOT take as well, so that is where this comes from!
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Okay, so, you’ve decided you want in on this fabulous form of art, you find a GREAT mendi artist (or maybe not so great) and you have your design done, you let the henna stay on for as long as you’ve been told by the artist, and when it’s time to reveal the design, you love it, or hate it! Either way, there will be a time when you want it GONE! If you love your design, that’s great, but when it starts to fade, you may find that you just look like you have dirt on yourself – and you will want it off! If you hate your design from the beginning, you will also want it off, so here are some GREAT ways to rid yourself of unwanted Henna tattoos!
First and foremost, NEVER use any product on your skin that is NOT meant to be used on skin – do not use cleaning products like scouring powder, straight bleach or any other commercial cleaner! You could damage your skin and be in worse shape!!!

Start by soaking the area in cool salt water for about 20 minutes. If the design is on your arm or leg, use a facecloth soaked in salt water and hold in on the area for about 10 minutes and repeat this about 3 times.

You should see a difference, just from this, but next you will want to exfoliate. There are many products on the market that are designed for exfoliation, and any of them will work, but you can make your own using sea salt and baby oil. Just rub it on and then scrub. Exfoliation is especially good for removing faded henna – when there are just the residual signs left on your skin! This will loosen the top layer of your skin and remove it and bring back some of your normal skin color!

After you soak and exfoliate, if you still do not have the desired removal, you will want to make a solution of 1 part bleach and 3 parts water. Again, soak the area for about 20 minutes. You should see a dramatic result with this technique!

Remember that no matter what you do or don’t do to try and remove the henna tattoo, it WILL FADE ON IT’S OWN! The average henna tattoo lasts about 2-3 weeks. You can extend the life of your tattoo by rubbing the area with olive oil every day to keep it hydrated, so with that said, by not taking good care of your tattoo; it will not last as long as it could.

Before you decide to get a henna tattoo, always ask to see pictures of the artist’s work!!!! This could save you from wanting to get rid of it fast! Just because some says, “hey, I do mendi!” doesn’t mean that they are a talented artist! If you see someone with a great design, ask him or her where he or she got it. Ask for references if you feel more comfortable! This is supposed to be fun and artistic, so take some precautionary steps before you allow anyone to put any henna on your body and you should LOVE and enjoy your new henna tattoo and NOT want to remove it at all!

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