How to plan and host a family fun party

Planning and hosting a family fun party is not hard. Follow these guidelines for a successful party with family members of any age.

Planning and hosting a family fun party is not hard to do. The following tips will help a family fun party turn out successfully.

Proper planning is essential in the successful hosting of a family fun party. The most important detail is setting a date and making sure that family members are able to attend. If a date for the party is set well in advance, the chances of family members being able to attend is greater.

Once the date for the party has been established, it is time to begin planning. It is important to consider who is coming to the party. If it is a party involving children, the family fun will be different than if it is an adult only family fun party but some aspects of the planning are the same. Let’s first consider the similar aspects of an adult only family fun party and a family fun party that includes children.
Food and fun are musts at both types of parties. Eating together is a fun way to visit and catch up on the news in families. Fun and laughter are a wonderful way to create warm memories at family fun parties.
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There are many different ways that you can plan the food. If the weather is good, and outdoor barbecue is probably the easiest to plan and also hostess. Hamburgers and hot dogs are inexpensive for children. Steaks, chicken or fish such as halibut are perfect adult ideas for outdoors. Children and adults enjoy veggie trays with ranch dressing dip. Fresh fruit with a fruit dip are also nutritious yet delicious and loved by adults and children. Fruit dip can be easily made by combining 1 pkg. cream cheese, one small whipped topping, and 1/3 cup powdered sugar. Mix with electric beater until smooth. Buttered French bread is a favorite with families of all ages, as are bagged chips of all kinds. If you have little time to plan, keep the meal simple. Hamburgers, chips, and a simple treat such as popsicles or watermelon make an easy yet fun meal for a family fun party.

If the family fun party is inside a home with children, keep the menu simple. Finger foods are easy with less mess. Ice water is a great refreshing drink at a family fun party with children. It makes cleaning up spills much easier.

The food at family fun parties with adults only can be more elaborate. Keep in mind whether or not you have seating at a table for everyone or not. If you are going to seat everyone at a table, you can eat foods that will require a knife, fork and spoon. If you are not able to seat everyone at a table, but just at chairs, foods that can be eaten with fingers or a fork only are best. At an adult family fun party family members will enjoy visiting so make sure the seating is conducive to visiting.

There are a number of fun group games that can be purchased inexpensively to play at adult family fun parties. A fun and free game that can be played is the liar game. Get a dictionary and pick out words that you are quite sure nobody knows the meanings. Let’s assume that there are 20 people at your family fun party. Have five people play at a time and the others watch. On index cards, write each word five times. On only one of the cards, write the meaning of the word. The person who chooses the word with the meaning has to say the correct meaning of the word, although trying to bluff so the others do not know that he has the meaning. The other four have to make up a meaning for the word. The people watching the game try and guess who is telling the truth. Sometimes the meanings that family members come up with are hilarious. The can also be played with odd objects purchased at thrift stores or yard sales.

A great idea for a family fun party that includes a dad, mom, and children, it to load up in the car and have a fast food restaurant hopping party. Start at a restaurant that has small dinner salads. Then progress to the next stop for appetizers, such as fried zucchini or fried cheese. The next step is to go to a restaurant for the main dish such as pizza, hamburgers, or burritos. Finish up at a dessert place for pie, ice cream, or chocolates. Begin the game portion of the evening by going to a fast food restaurant that has the ski ball game. These are found at many pizza parlors. Instead of competing against each other, buy a set amount of tokens and work together as a family, each taking one turn at a time and see how many tickets you can accumulate. It will take a few hours to complete the restaurant family fun hopping party, but is a lot of fun. Another fun idea in conjunction with the hopping family fun activity it to run to and from the car and let a different person order at each fast food restaurant.

Another family fun party idea with children with multiple dads, moms, and children is the “family game”. Each family picks one adult and one child. The adults go into a room while the children are asked questions about the adult. These can include questions about age, favorite food, favorite hobby, or any other subject. Each child is asked the same question. The adult are brought back into the room and the adults are asked the same question. Each time the adult answers the question the same way the child did, those two get a point. Then the children leave the room and the same scenario is played out, with the adults being asked the questions first.

Prizes are always a good idea at family fun parties. First, second, and third place ribbons work well as prizes, as do packages of candy. If the party includes children, it will make everybody happy if every child ends up with a prize of some type by the end of the family fun party.

One of the most important things to remember in hosting a family fun party is to remain calm and smile. Families enjoy being together when they feel comfortable. Make sure you have the party in a place where you are not worried about spills or messes. Keep in mind the ages of the people attending and plan the occasion accordingly.

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