How to make your own diaper cake for a baby shower, with some great decoration ideas

How to make a diaper cake for a baby shower

So…you’ve made out the invitations, you’ve arranged a place for the party and you’ve got the most creative ideas for party games ready to go. Decorating for the baby shower will be fairly easy for the most part, with all of the dollar store and discount store selections, but you want something unique for your table centerpiece.

Let’s make diaper cakes!

Items you will need: At least one bag of disposable diapers, pencil, scissors, Scotch tape, a large piece of cardboard and a large plate or bowl the circumference you wish to make your cake OR a ready made cake board which can be purchased anywhere cake decoration supplies are sold, tissue paper or colored cellophane, white rubber bands, ribbon (both wide and thin), bows, hot glue gun, tacky glue.
Baby Shower Etiquette FAQ How to make your own diaper cake for a baby shower, with some great decoration ideas
Items you might want to decorate the cake (select a few): Create a small sign with appropriate greeting such as “Congratulations, Julie” or “Welcome to the world, Samantha!”, diaper rash ointment, small sizes of baby toiletries (lotion, wash, powder), diaper pins, pacifiers, electrical outlet covers, baby Tylenol, and anything else you might find as you are strolling down the baby aisle.

If you did not choose to purchase a ready made cake board, trace the plate or bowl shape on the cardboard and cut around the tracing. Trim any corners to round out your cardboard shape. Cover one side of your cake round with tissue paper or cellophane. The cover must be tight and smooth. To accomplish this, cut a shape from the material you are using to cover the board that is at least 5 inches larger than the round. Lay the cake round on top of the paper and pull a one to two inch section of the excess flat to the side of the cardboard facing you, fastening it with tape. Work in a clockwise direction until you have covered the entire circumference of the board. Set this aside.

Roll one of the diapers into a column. Secure it with a rubber band. Roll five diapers and arrange them around the center column securing all 6 diapers with a rubber band. Roll more diapers and arrange them concentrically around the two layers and secure with a rubber band. Make sure that your layers are tight around the previous layer. A successful cake will have even, tight layers. Continue to do this until you have created a cake-like shape the circumference you desire. (Approximately two inches in diameter less than your cake board will allow your board to provide a strong and secure anchor.) You can secure the cake to the cake board if you like, but it should be wide enough to support itself. Should you choose to secure it to the board, use tacky glue or tape so that the new mother can use the diapers in the future.

Select your wide ribbon and tie it around the cake to conceal the outside rubber band. Hot glue thin ribbon to the wide ribbon in scallops. To do this, tack down the end of the thin ribbon to the wide ribbon in one place. Place another drop of glue on the thin ribbon two inches from the end and attach it one inch from where you attached the end. Continue doing this until you have scalloped the entire cake. If you have them on hand, ribbon rosettes look quite sharp when glued to the crests of the scallops. Avoid touching any diaper with hot glue if possible as this may or may not damage the diaper for future use. Use tacky glue to attach your greeting sign. Tuck the decoration items into the layers of the diapers on top. Add bows and more ribbon as appropriate.

Diaper cakes make a creative and unique centerpiece for your table or tables at any baby shower. While they are decorative and whimsical, they are also a very practical and useful gift for the mother.

Consider giving diaper cakes as a gift as well, especially for new mothers with whom you are less intimately acquainted. The love that you invest in a handmade diaper cake is expressed regardless of the relationship and will make your gift or centerpiece a special one that will be treasured long after the baby you are celebrating has been potty trained.

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