How to get the best prices on the latest fashions, with off price retailers, mass merchandisers, and designer outlets

How to get the best price on fashions

When it comes to buying fashions for the best price first you need to decide what your goal is. Are you looking to buy designer clothes with that all important designer label or are you looking to update your wardrobe with the latest trends?

When looking for designer labels there are many price ranges even for the same clothing item. It mostly has to do with where you get it. All stores buy clothes then mark them up for a profit. That’s why online shopping can be less expensive than shopping in a store because it costs less to run a website than it does to run an actual store. That means the website can make the same profit as the store even when offering the item at a lower price. There are online shopping comparison websites that are helpful in finding the best price online. With these you type in what you are looking for and they give you a list of websites selling it. Then you can sort it a number of different ways with just a click, but of course the most popular is by price lowest to highest. It’s an extremely quick way to comparison shop. Another way to shop online for designer clothes is with internet auctions. You never know, you may be the highest bidder even with a bid lower than buying the item in a store.

Wardrobe planning guides Choosing summer clothing How to get the best prices on the latest fashions, with off price retailers, mass merchandisers, and designer outlets

How to get the best price on fashions

If you prefer to shop in person, which has advantages such as trying on the clothes before you buy them, there are still many ways to get a great deal. Outlet shopping is great. This is where a store will be devoted to designer items but they usually cost less than buying at an upscale department store. Some outlets will carry catalog and internet returns which means you can get a major bargain. Outlets also tend to have quite a few sales, which makes for extra savings. Another way to score hot designer fashions is through off price retailers. These are stores that carry many different designer label clothes at below retail prices. These stores are usually found in outdoor shopping centers rather than the mall. There are exceptions but in general it’s true. You can find out about off price retailers in your area by typing “off price retailer” into a search engine or more simply by paying attention to advertising such as TV commercials or your local paper. They tend to promote themselves as “brand name clothes at below retail prices.” Every off price retailer has some advertising campaign that says that in some way or another. Generally, off price retailers are less expensive than outlets or online shopping. They usually get most of their items from designer stores that had too many. That makes for great savings for them, which they pass on to you.

If you are looking to buy the latest trends but the name on the label isn’t very important to you, there are so many ways for you to get a great price on your new clothes. Just about every mall has a trendy store where nothing is name brand, everything is reasonably priced, and the clothes look as good as the expensive stuff. That should be your first place to look. Whether of not you care about name brand labels, off price retailers are a great option for everyone. They always have awesome prices on the latest fashions. Surprising to most is how mass merchandising stores are selling more fashionable clothes. You can run your errands and pick up a cute new outfit all in the same place. However, if you are looking for something slightly more unique you may want to avoid this option. The only trouble with mass merchandisers is that they sell the exact same affordable clothes across the nation so that means anyone could end up with the same outfit. Your best bet for unique is off price retailers because their supply is varied.

One last tip on fashion savings, rather than asking for clothes for Christmas, ask for gift cards instead. Why get a new sweater for Christmas when there will be after Christmas clearances the next day? With the markdowns you are likely to get two or three sweaters for the price of one that was bought before Christmas.

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