How Fashion Distinguishes the Unique Stars from Others

Fashion is that one feature that helps in distinguishing some of the stars from the others, although there are many in the crowd. Some of the stars are popular for their ugly clothing, whereas the others are quite famous for the kind of clothes that they wear and more importantly, the way they carry themselves.  Talking of fashion, there is a loud crowd that follows two famous celebrities.

Justin bieber and rihanna How Fashion Distinguishes the Unique Stars from Others

Justin Bieber is that one name that created a boom in the music industry, right from the time he sung his first song. Since then, he has been known for his voice, unique music texture and his mystic style. Resembling the clothing of the rappers in the same industry, Bieber still has something different about the way he carries himself in the crowd. Be it is various collection of jackets to his flashy shoes; he has won several followers for himself, not only from the western countries, but also from the Asian side.

Another artist who is worth discussing about is Rihanna, for her style and persona. Her beautiful figure and lovely hairstyles, along with a display of neon colored clothes and loud lipsticks, make her look different than her competitor singers. No matter what color she wears, she makes sure that her lip colors remain loud so that all the attention is drawn towards her beautiful lips. Right from her short skits on the streets to her long gowns that drool over the red carpet in shows, she is popular for each and every thing that she does.

There are several controversies about the above mentioned artists. However, when it comes to style, there has been absolutely no complaint by the audience and their fans. They are dipped in perfection and said to be highly followed when it comes to their casual, yet trendy styles.

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