How to dye your eyebrow to color match your hair

Learn how to dye your eyebrow to color match your hair

Dying your eyebrows to match your hair color is really very easy. First though, it should be stated that great care must be taken not to get the dye in the eyes. If the dye gets into the eyes they can become very irritated and the dye can cause blindness. But if one is cautious it can be done. It is also suggested that a “patch” test be done before doing any kind of hair dying. This is to ensure that there is no allergic reaction. With this procedure a little bit of dye and peroxide is mixed up and placed on a patch of skin on the arm. If no irritation occurs within a couple of hours the dye may be used.

The items needed are as follows:

Hair dye in the color of your choosing to match your hair. This can be purchased in the drug store and will include the peroxide to be mixed with it and gloves. If dye is purchased in a beauty supply store sometimes these items must be purchased separately. A cream type of peroxide is recommended, as a thicker mixture will result, so no dye runs into the eyes.

A plastic bowl, and a new, soft toothbrush with a small head.

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How to dye your eyebrow to color match your hair

Color remover purchased from a beauty supply store, and cotton balls.

A washcloth dampened with water.

First the hair should be pulled away from the face. Take a cotton ball and squeeze some color remover onto it. Swab the skin around the eyebrow with the remover so that if any staining occurs it can be removed easily. Then equal parts of color and peroxide should be mixed together in the plastic bowl. Once thoroughly mixed, a little bit of the mixture should be placed on the toothbrush by dipping into it carefully. Again, be sure this mixture is thick enough. Brush it onto the brow being sure all of the hair is covered. It is usually recommended that at least 25 minutes is allowed for the color to process. If your eyebrows are very dark, you may want to wait at least 40 minutes. Once the time has passed take the damp washcloth and wipe off the dye from the brow. Rinse the washcloth and wipe the brow again to be sure all of the dye is removed. If there is some residual color stain on the skin, take a fresh cotton ball with color remover and gently rub it off. Your brows should now be perfectly matched to your hair color.

If you want to lighten dark brows, a powder bleach instead of colored dye, can be purchased and mixed with the peroxide and the same procedure may be followed to lighten brows. Again, if the brows are very dark the bleach may have to be left on for a longer period of time, but gradually you will see them get lighter. Generally, a color remover will not be needed for lightening, as there is no color that will stain the skin.

Good luck coordinating the color of your brows and hair.

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