How to Bead Your Hair

There are many different techniques used to bead hair. This guide will give you the most simple techniques and tips.

Hair beading has been around for a centuries. It’s an African tradition, a Native American tradition, as well as many other civilizations throughout history. There are many different techniques used to bead hair. This guide will give you the most simple techniques and tips.

When beading hair the most common way to start out is on braided hair. This way you just put the beads on the ends of the cornrows. This is a good method because the hair is already sectioned off and your beading will be nice and neat. Just be sure that the hair sections are small enough to fit through the beads you have chosen to use. You don’t have to have your hair in braids to bead hair, especially if you’re only doing a few strands. Just be sure not to pull extra hair into the section in between beads as this will give it a messy look.
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To get the beads on the hair you will need to use some form of beading needle. This can be as complicated as buying a special hair beading needle or kit from a store or as simple as just making one yourself. Basic craft wire folded in half around the section of hair works just fine. You use the two ends of the wire as your needle. Just be sure that both ends of the wire go through the bead. Then you pull until the hair comes though the bead. If it’s hard to pull the hair through, then you may need to create smaller hair sections. You then repeat this until you have as many beads on that section as you like. Now you need to tie off that section with a small rubber band. Make sure to give a gentle tug on the beads after you put on the rubber band to make sure they won’t slip off. If they do slip off put on a second rubber band. Another option to secure the ends of each hair section is to use special hair glue. If going this route it’s best to buy something specifically formulated for hair. A beauty supply store or your local hair salon would be the best places to find such an item. You don’t want to use just anything on your precious hair.

The most commonly used beads for beading hair are pony beads. These are usually plastic, are about a quarter inch in size, and have a fairly large hole in the center. While you can use any beads you like, pony beads are popular because they are easy to use, inexpensive, easy to find in a store, and come in a huge variety of colors.

There are ways to get that beaded hair look without the hassle of beading it by hand. Snap beads open up in the middle and you can just snap them into your hair. There are some hairclips that have strands of beads hanging off of them. You just put the clip in and you have instant hair beading. Similarly, you can buy ponytail holders that have strand of beads hanging off of them. You just put your hair up in a ponytail and you have fun strands of beads.

A new, up and coming trend is beaded hair decorations that are sewn into the hair. Whether new to hair beading or not this may be a nice alternative. These are more comfortable than clips or hair bands and last in the hair as long as hair beading.

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