Homemade wedding invitations: Using quality materials for a professional-looking touch

Learn how to make your own quality wedding invitations. Make them unique and personal with beautiful materials.

Your wedding should be one of the most wonderful memories of a lifetime. The joining of two people, to spend their lives together forever, is a most joyous occasion. Another memorable part of the wedding experience is the expense. With the proper planning and foresight, all aspects of your wedding can become a good memory.

Homemade wedding invitations can save the happy couple sometimes hundreds of dollars. Depending on the part of the country that you live in invitations are generally very big expenses. With a few basic computer skills and a printer you can make your own. Saving money and keeping the professional-looking touch are two different things, but it can be done.
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Some of the newest trends in wedding invitations are more colorful, less complicated designs. These usually consist of: a high quality linen envelope, a nice coordinating card stock, a beautiful vellum or transparent paper tied on top with a good quality silk matching ribbon and last but not least, fun different fonts or lettering. Placing these few items together and using high quality papers can make beautiful professional-looking wedding invitations.
Quality material is the number one issue. Comparing different styles, companies and prices will give you a very good idea of what you like. Having a look at your friends invitations is another good idea. The hardest part about making your invitation is deciding what type you like, gathering the supplies, and writing out a rough draft. There are many different and interesting types of papers, there are foils, vellums, and all kinds of textured papers available in any of the popular hobby stores. It is traditional to add a sheet of vellum, or a transparent sheet on the inside or outside of the invitation. This is a step that should not be skipped. Vellum or a transparent paper adds a touch of class and gives that professional look.

Vellum is the most common type of paper used in a wedding invitation. There are vellums with glitter, stars, hearts, moons, and almost anything else you can think of. They come in every color and tint imaginable, and are usually 8.5 in. by 11 ins. They range in price, from 59¢ to $1.50 a sheet. Once you have decided on your paper, vellum, envelopes and ribbon, purchase your items, allowing 8 in. of ribbon for each invitation. Each 8.5in. by 11in. sheet of paper and vellum will make 2 invitations.

Start by writing the text out on a piece of paper exactly how it should be in the finished invitation. Double check and then check again, spelling, dates, times and locations. Have someone else check theses same items over again for you. Even a common name can be spelled differently, and because your family and your new family names are listed, you really don’t want any mistakes. Once you are sure you have it right, type out the draft content on your PC. Try different fonts, positions and sizes until you have the look you want.

The finished invitation text should fit into an area the size of 5.5 inches wide by 8.5 inches wide. This is your card stock folded in half and cut. Your text should be centered in this area. Now you simply copy and paste the text of your invitation twice, one on the right side of the 8.5in. by 11in. inch document and one centered on the left side. It is that simple. Now either print out your invitations at home, (20 or less) or take your paper and text draft to a copy company and they will print it out and even cut it for you (bring your vellum along, and they will cut it too).

The fun part of your homemade wedding invitation is assembling them. With a paper punch, punch two holes in the top of the invitations an inch in from the sides and a 1/2 from the top. Use your imagination for this part, try it with different shaped paper punches. Do the same thing with the vellum. Tie the two together (vellum on top) with the ribbon, finishing with a bow or just a simple knot on top. Do not tie the ribbon so tight that your homemade invitation won’t open. Slide the finished invitation into your envelopes and mail. Your family and friend will be impressed by your statement of a quality homemade wedding invitation.

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