Hillary’s possible candidature for US 2016 elections

All signs point to a possible Hillary Clinton candidature for the US 2016 presidential ticket. The possibility became obvious after Sunday night’s interview on a popular American television show.  After the interview, the former head of state, left viewers with a distinct impression that she might run. This was coupled by the fact that her popularity according to recent opinion polls has risen significantly. Hillary Clinton is even more popular than President Barrack Obama.

hillary 237x300 Hillarys possible candidature for US 2016 electionsHer critics might be quick to point out that with the recent happenings in Benghazi and US foreign ties worsening she might not be the most suitable person to carry the Democrat ticket. However, the incident is fading from people’s memories and she might yet turn around her skeptics. She still remains a strong contender to replace President Obama in 2016.

Hillary Rodham Clinton was in the spotlight many years ago when her husband, former US President Bill Clinton had an affair. She however forgave him publicly and asked the media to do the same. Her political career has continued to soar to greater heights by becoming US Secretary of State. Before she was US Senator for New York and in 2008 contested against President Obama for the Democrat Presidential ticket.

Now she is back and it looks like the times will favor her. This is because if she wins, she would make history by becoming the first female president. According to the recent elections, 57 per cent of the voters were female while 47 per cent were male. This already gives Hillary Clinton a slight advantage. In addition, the number of voters will most likely increase.

The interview  on the show  with the President points to the fact that he most likely supports her presidential bid. This is augmented by the fact that, Vice President Joe Biden might not run for election. In addition Clinton has the support of her husband who remains the most popular former US President to date. This gives her a major advantage of clinching the Democrat ticket.

Clinton has also developed an image of being tenacious and uncompromising. This is exhibited by her insistence that Burma should incorporate reforms in its government, her tough stance on Iran leading to sanction being brought against it and creation of coalitions with foreign governments.

All indications allude to the fact that Hillary Clinton is set for the presidency or will attempt to become US President. She is yet to even close her campaign account. What could be the motive? Is she waiting for another chance to vie for the top job? You be the judge

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