Hair styles: What face shapes look good with bangs?

Different face shapes bangs look good on. Study your face to find out if whispy bangs, pixie bangs or blunt straight bangs are right for you.

Before making the cut, make sure the bangs you choose will look good on you. Just as different hairstyles and lengths look good on different face shapes, the same goes with the different kinds of bangs. What type of look are you going for? Bangs can make you appear soft and sexy, punk rock, or even more youthful. Here are some great tips on what types of bangs would look good with your shape. See if those wispy bangs or thick bangs would actually look good on you.

There are so many types of bangs, an array of styles that can cover a multitude of sins from a long forehead, to balancing a small face and features and can even make you look younger – think Goldie Hawn and her signature bangs.

Bangs…the long and short of it.
“Peek-a-boo” bangs a.k.a wispy bangs are great for small foreheads and wider faces. And, the longer they are, the sexier.
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Want a little drama? Add dramatic straight across blunt bangs to a short bob or a long blunt cut.

Balance a wide forehead and shorten a long face shape with short bangs through the center with slightly longer pieces at the sides.

Want him to adore your beautiful eyes? Spiky uneven bangs give the illusion of length to the forehead and get him to adore your peepers.

To balance a small face and tiny petite features try pixie bangs for a hip and younger look a la Mia Farrow in the film Rosemary’s Baby.

Bangs are great if you want to balance out uneven facial shapes. And, they can give you a youthful look. Do you have one of the four basic face shapes, oval, round, square or heart? Or is your face shape triangle, pear or diamond? Before getting bangs know your face shape.

For a…

Heart Shaped Face: Just about every style looks good on you, but longer side-swept bangs will give you a more asymmetrical look and balance out your face. Not to mention, more versatile.

The Pear Shaped Face: You have the opposite problem of the heart shaped face. Since you have a wider jaw line you want to draw the eye away from that. Try long bangs to take the focus off the chin.

Round Face: To give the illusion of a not-so-full face, go for choppy short to medium layered bangs or razored fringe bangs. Stay away from bangs that are too thick.

Long Face: Hide a long face or large forehead with soft bangs that are cut right above the eyebrows. This gives the illusion that your face isn’t so long.

Square Face: Your face has sharp angels; so long wispy bangs would look best to help soften them. Stay away from blunt thick bangs because it will make your face appear more angular.

So, next time you’re getting your haircut, discuss your face shape with your stylist to see what type of hairstyle and bangs will suit your face. Also make sure the texture is right for the kind of bangs you’re seeking. Keep in consideration that the type of bangs you get depends on the after-salon care as well. You may have to go in for a trim every couple of weeks. Bangs are a great way to update any look. Go ahead and enjoy those fringe benefits…

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