Hair styles: How to create a big hair spike or mohawk

Directions and tips on how to create a mohawk or spikes in your hair

So you’ve decided to go for a mohawk look, but are unsure of how to go about it?

The steps are simple.

The crux of a mohawk is that your hair must be shorter on the sides than on the top of your head. There are several ways this can be achieved; one of the most simple is to cut the hair on the sides of your head shorter with clippers.
First of all, you need a friend who can help you cut your hair.
You’ll need a comb and a pair of electric clippers, or decent scissors if no clippers are available.
Whether it’s a dramatic “punk” Mohawk look you are going for, or the more subtle “faux” ‘hawk, these are the basic steps to take.
Hair+styles+How+to+create+a+big+hair+spike+or+mohawk Hair styles: How to create a big hair spike or mohawk
1. Decide how you want your hair to look. Do you want a dramatic tall mohawk with shaved sides? If so, then have your friend measure to make sure the section of hair that will remain long is evenly centered at the top. Cut, and then shave the sides of your head.
2. If a more subtle look is what you want, if you have short hair, a slight cutting of the sides is all you need to create a Mohawk look without the extremeness of shaving the sides. This is the popular with hipsters “fauxhawk” look, achieved mostly with styling.

Styling – tall mohawk
1. There are two steps to styling your tall Mohawk. First, buy a heavy duty spiking gel, such as, and extreme hold hairspray
2. Smooth gel evenly throughout hair, and then

Styling – short Mohawk
1. Squeeze a quarter-size dollop of gel into your hand.
2. Using both hands, work the gel into your short ‘hawk, starting from the sides and bringing your hands up to meet at the tip of your hair, above your head. This will create the short centered Mohawk look.
3. Other ideas for what to use to spike your Mohawk: throughout the years, people have used all sorts of things. Punks in the 1970’s used to use raw egg to spike their hair into tall Mohawks. They also used laundry starch, and sometimes a flour-water-starch paste.

Mohawks are very in right now, particularly short ones. Lots of young actors in Hollywood sport Mohawks – when they’re not working on a movie.

If you aren’t looking to cut your hair, and you just want to go for the big spike look, there are ways to achieve it that don’t involve any cutting at all.

First, be realistic. If your hair is much past your shoulders, you are probably not going to be able to get it to stand up. But if it’s moderate length, with a little work it should be no problem.

1. You will need some super hold hair gel, some super hold hairspray, and a blow dryer (preferably with a diffuser attachment). You may also want to get a friend to help you.
2. Start with damp to dry hair. Make sure the hair isn’t wet or it will wilt.
3. Section your hair into the desired spike portions, and apply the gel. Make sure it goes all the way to the root of the hair. If your spike is week at the root, the whole thing might flop!
4. As you apply gel to each section, hold it out and blow dry lightly. The diffuser attachment will keep your hair from flying around. After that, apply hairspray liberally.
5. Repeat until all the desired hair is spiked. This should complete your spiked hair look!

Good luck!

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