Hair style fashion ideas: The best hair styles to compliment a swim suit

Summer hair styles and care tips for the best ideas to wear with a swim suit.

The best thing about summer hairstyles is that they’re easy to create and maintain. Overdone or fussy hairstyles will look out of place at the pool or the beach, so keep your style simple and you can’t go wrong. The main thing to keep in mind when styling your hair for swimming or sunbathing is the style of your swimsuit. Is it sporty? Sexy? Romantic? Your hairstyle and hair accessories should match the style of your suit.

Basic Hairstyling Tips

Start with a great cut that flatters your face. Consider updating or refreshing your look for summer with layers, highlights, or a brighter color. It’s a great time to try something new!

Always use a leave-in conditioner with sunscreen to combat the damaging effects of sun, chlorine, and salt water. Also, remember to rinse your hair after swimming to remove chlorine and salt, which can cause discoloration or damage.

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Hair style fashion ideas

Versatile Updos

A ponytail is a classic choice for summer hairstyles because of its versatility. It can be worn in an infinite number of variations: for a sportier, more energetic edge, try a tight, high ponytail, or achieve a more deconstructed appearance with a loose ponytail at the nape of your neck. A few loose strands can frame the face, softening your look and giving a more romantic angle to your look.

Another simple, sporty look for hair is the basic braid. Comb a leave-in conditioner through your hair, then make one braid or several, depending on your preference. When the sun goes down, unbraiding your hair into deconstructed, sun-kissed waves takes your style from day to night with ease.

For an easy way to change your style, try coiling your ponytail or braid into a bun. Leave it soft and loose, allowing wispy tendrils to fall down, or slick it smooth like a ballet dancer.

If your hair is too short to wear in a braid or ponytail, short pigtails are a fun option. Very short hairstyles look great with a bit of texturizing gel worked through to make a messy, spiky look.

Low-maintenance Waves

Loose, natural waves flatter almost every facial shape and are easy to create and maintain. If you have naturally wavy hair, consider yourself lucky! Otherwise, work an anti-frizz serum into damp hair and air-dry or blow-dry with a diffuser while twisting individual sections of hair. Run your fingers through your hair to loosen and smooth the waves, but don’t brush, as it will make your hair frizzy. Think texture, not volume: the most natural-looking waves are smooth at the roots and become more tousled lower down.


Spice up a simple hairstyle with great accessories. Hats or visors look great with braids and ponytails and provide additional sun protection for your hair and face. Scarves, headbands, and barrettes also provide great opportunities to show off your personal style. Remember: use only gentle hair accessories, such as fabric-covered elastics, to minimize the potential damage to your hair. Also, if you plan to swim, make sure your accessories are waterproof!

Use your imagination with hair accessories and you can transform a simple hairstyle into a look to match any swimsuit. Keep to the basics: the less time you spend on your hair, the more time you have to enjoy the sun!

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