Hair help: How to get silly putty, gum and other sticky things out of hair

Easy, at home remedies to remove sticky substances like gum and silly putty from you hair.

If you have ever gotten sticky substances stuck in your hair, you know how hard it can be to remove them. Here are some good at home remedies that I found to remove such substances.

Here is a list of at home remedies to remove gum from you hair.

  • -Put peanut butter in your hair and comb it through the gum, removing the gum at the same time. Wash and rinse your hair.
  • -Put Crisco in your hair and rub it around. Gum should slide out. Wash and rinse.
  • -Rub a good hair conditioner into your hair. Take a fine toothed comb and comb out the gum. Gum will come out a little at a time. Wash and rinse.
  • -Spray WD40 onto the gum and wash out or pull off. Wash and rinse.
  • -Put 1 to 4 egg whites on gum, depending on size of gum. Rub in where gum is attached. Gum will begin to dissolve. Comb out and rinse.

    Hair fashion Hair style dos and dont for blonde highlights 300x300 Hair help: How to get silly putty, gum and other sticky things out of hair

    Hair help: How to get silly putty, gum and other sticky things out of hair

  • -Rub ice on gum until it hardens. Pull out gum once hard. Wash and rinse if desired.
  • -Put baby oil in hair and work through. Comb out gum with a fine toothed comb. Wash and rinse.
  • -Put “Skin So Soft” in hair and work through. Comb out gum with a fine toothed comb. Wash and rinse.
  • -Spray hairspray onto gum. Pull or comb out. Wash and rinse.
  • -Take baking soda and water and mix them together. Rub the mixture onto hair and brush out the gum. Wash and rinse.
  • -Put salad oil in hair and work into gum. Slowly take gum out. Wash and rinse hair.
  • -Put petroleum jelly around the gum. Work into hair until gum is gone. Pull out the gum. Wash and rinse.
  • -Melt chocolate and rub into the gum. The chocolate dissolves the chewing gum’s stickiness. Brush or comb out the chocolate and gum. Wash and rinse.
  • -Dip hair in Coke. Sit for a few minutes. Wipe off gum. Wash and rinse.

There are many other things that people get stuck in their hair. Some things are expected and some things are very odd. Of course kids can get everything and anything stuck in their hair. Here is a list of things that can get stuck in your hair and the ways to get them out.

-Silly Putty. Spray hair with cooking spray. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes and then comb out the putty. Wash and rinse. Also, try white vinegar. The vinegar dissolves the silly putty. Once dissolved, pull out any excess putty. Wash and rinse.

-Lollipops or sticky candy. Put vinegar in hair. Comb out the candy. Wash and rinse.

-Nail polish. Take a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover and gently stroke the hairs with polish on them until polish is gone. Once polish is removed, make sure hairs don’t touch the rest of your hair until remover has been rinsed out. Shampoo and rinse your hair. Use a cream rinse or very good conditioner to repair damage that was caused from the polish and remover. It’s possible that the remover will slightly discolor your hair. If the area with nail polish on it is large and visible, a color job may need to be performed. In other words, try your best not to get nail polish in your hair!

-Super Glue. Let the natural oils come to the surface and then go to a salon and get the rest of the glue cut off. Wash and rinse.

-Tree Sap. Rub peanut butter into sap, massage, rinse, shampoo, and then rinse again. Also try mineral oil, vegetable oil, baby oil, mink oil, “Skin So Soft”, or “Goo Off.” Wash and rinse.

-Vaseline. Blot as much of the Vaseline off of your hair as possible. Do not rub! Rubbing can damage hair! Put some cornmeal powder or cornstarch on your hair. Blot it into your hair. Rinse off with warm but not hot water. Wash your hair with a good clarifying shampoo. Wash twice and rinse well. Apply a good conditioner to your hair and rinse out. If the Vaseline is not all gone, do the whole process over again in 24 hours.

-Tar. Buy some wax paper from the grocery store. Make sure there is actually wax in the paper. Put the wax paper on both sides of your hair. Place your hair on an ironing board. Carefully touch the iron to the wax paper on LOW HEAT! This softens the tar and it sticks to the paper. Press on the paper to help pull the tar off of the hair. Take your time, it may take awhile. If the tar is near the scalp, use a blow dryer instead of an iron. Once tar is soft, apply wax paper and blot off tar. Be very careful.

-Castor Oil. Pat as much of the oil as possible out of your hair. Put a small blob of Prell shampoo onto hair. Apply some warm water and get a lather going. Repeat this process one more time.

-Sticky Hair. Mix together 1/4 to 1/2 a box of baking soda with spring or distilled water. Mix into a paste. Put onto wet hair. Rinse well. Apply a rinse-out and leave-in conditioner.

-Ink, Magic Marker, Crayon, And Toner Ink. Most of these products will wash out after a few shampoos. If the products don’t wash out, apply some WD40. Don’t apply more than a little bit. Too much WD40 could damage your hair. You can also try undiluted Prell shampoo. Apply to dry hair. Sit for a few minutes then rinse.

I hope these home remedies will help you remove sticky substances from your hair. When trying any of these remedies, make sure that you’re not allergic to any of the products that you are applying to your hair. If you have an allergic reaction, make sure you go to the doctor right away. Remember, these remedies don’t work on everyone so being careful is the best way not to get anything yucky and sticky in your hair.

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