Hair and fashion: How to fold and wear a hair scarf bandana

A step by step guide on how the bandana is properly and fashionably worn now matter where you are going.

Bandanas, or do-rags, have been around for a long time. Like most things that stick around for a while, it has changed. Its purpose, a long time ago, served to keep women’s hair out of their face and dirt and bugs out of their hair. Now, as it might still hold significance in the previous purpose, it is more a fashion statement. Bandanas come in a variety of colors and designs and even different sizes for those of you who have big heads.

How you wear a bandana depends on how much hair you have and whether you hair is up or down. Some find it easier to wear their hair all the way down. The only problem that you could run into with your hair being all the way down is that when you tie the bandana some hair might get caught in it and be damaged or ripped out. You could also decide to wear your hair up. The only problem with this is if you have a lot of hair you might not be able to finish the flap part of the bandana off. Another option is wearing your hair half up, half down. All of these ways are popular and any of them could be used at any time.
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The first decision you will make is if you want the edge of the bandana right above your eyebrows or at the edge of your hairline. Usually, the style of wearing a bandana above your eyebrows is considered a sporty style. Whereas, wearing it at your hairline is more old school/feminine.
The following will vary if you have a handkerchief style bandana or a simple triangle already in the shape of the bandana. If you have the simple triangle one, all you will have to do is tie it off. To do so, see further down in this article. If you have the handkerchief style see the following.

Once you have an idea of where you want to wear it, take out your bandana and lay it on a flat surface. Spread it completely out making a square. Take opposite corners and bring them together creating a triangle. Pick the triangle up along the long portion of it. If you were actually talking in triangle terms, this would be its ‘base’ and the other two sides its ‘legs.’ Take the base portion and lay it either above your eyebrows or along your hairline. It might help to lean your head back when doing this, and push all of your hair to the back if you hair is down.

The tricky part comes when you have to tie it. Keep your head back and move your hands to the edge of the base, grabbing the ends. Now, it possibly would help to bend at the waist flipping your hair forward. If you placed the bandana at your eyebrows usually it is just tied off in the exact same spot where it is at your eyebrows, except on the backside of you head. If you placed the bandana at your hairline, usually it is tied off at the base of your neck/hairline.

To tie the bandana off, simply make a knot, like you would to start to tie your shoe and then do the same thing again. Everybody does it different but usually bandanas no matter whether on the eyebrows or hairline are worn tightly around the head. If you chose to wear it at your eyebrows, some people decide to finish the bandana off by tucking the ‘flap’ portion of it, which would be the top of the triangle, into where it is tied off. When you get really good at it, if you can place the top of the flap where the bandana will be, it makes it a tighter fit. This process of wearing a bandana is not overly hard but might take some practicing and getting used to. It is something that you can customize and at the same time looking good while doing so!

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