Hair fashion: Hair style do’s and don’t for blonde highlights

Blonde hair has it’s pros and it’s cons – this will help you make sure you are always looking your best!

Growing up, my hair has seen many different haircuts and lengths, but one thing has remained the same– I’ve always been a blonde.

Blondes have a unique challenge when looking for a new hairstyle or look, but this same challenge can give them an advantage as well. As the fairest hair color, and so affected by the sun, there can be many different hues in your hair. The top layer is always the lightest, due to the sun’s effects, while the bottom layers (especially during winter), may become a light brown. Use that dimension to your advantage; make it appear like you have a lot of volume, even if you don’t. But most of all, don’t try to make your hair something that it is not. What looks best is what goes with the texture of your hair.

If your hair is curly, or short, just let it do its thing. If you see a new style you like in a magazine of someone with short and straight hair, and your hair has a natural wave, don’t assume that a hair stylist is a magician. If you have fine hair, a sleek chin-length bob is a must, and a versatile style.
A good twist to any hairstyle, to create extra volume or texture, is to have extra layers put in. This can make all the difference in the world when it comes to how your hair looks, and a good stylist will be able to work the layers in to best complement your features.

Hair fashion Hair style dos and dont for blonde highlights 300x300 Hair fashion: Hair style dos and dont for blonde highlights

Hair fashion: Hair style do’s and don’t for blonde highlights

Straight hair looks amazing, completely straight, with a bit of shine serum to make hair look extra healthy. The shine serum has a bit of control and will also hold down fly-a-ways.

If you have wavy hair or not-quite-straight hair, like mine, you have a few options. You can blow it out straight and put a wax or conditioner on the ends to keep from getting frizzies. To get a different look, you can roll your hair in various size hot rollers. Once you roll your hair, spray your hair lightly with hairspray. Wait about ten minutes, take out the rollers, and finger-comb your hair so you have nice, gentle curls. A stay-proof look is spraying your hair with hairspray and then scrunching the curls with your hand. Then turn your head upside down and spray the under part of your hair and roots with the hairspray again. This will give you an added boost and more volume, as well as help the curls hold longer. This is great for a daytime or nighttime look.

If you want those “just been to the beach” waves, French-braid mostly dry hair into two French braids and sleep on it for the night. When you wake up in the morning, you will have defined texture and a style you can do a lot with.

If you choose to wear your hair up, this is a style that works best for all textures and most lengths long enough to put up in a ponytail. This is a great rendition of the 1960’s mod-ponytail. Pull hair straight back into a pony at the back of your crown, in the middle of the back of your head. (If you are not sure where your crown is, put your fingers even with the tops of your ears, and move them towards the back of your head. The base of your crown is where they will meet.) The tightness of the ponytail again depends on the texture. If you have curly or wavy hair, loosen the ponytail just a little and pull out a couple wispy pieces to frame your face. If your hair is straight, a sleek look is to pull it all back into the ponytail, making a snug fit. Regardless of your hair’s texture, take a fine-tooth comb or brush, and tease hair closest to the elastic, to add some body and volume. Take a small section of the hair, wrap it around the pony and secure it with a bobby pin. This is a great, classy look for day or night, beach-side, or desk-side.

Last but not least…In many cases, blondes have enhanced color. When you get your highlights or coloring, make sure that the color works with your skin coloring. You want to make sure that you don’t appear too washed out, or that your eyebrows and hair are believable, unless you are going for an edgy look. And no matter what the hairstyle, make sure you stay in touch with those roots. There is nothing that can make a cut look worse than having a distinct line from your last coloring at the salon.

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