Hair care and styles: Overnight curlers vs curling irons

Each persons’s hair is different and so is each person’s style. Different methods of curling are better for different people.

Overnight Curlers vs. Curling Irons

Today there are many different tactics and products to use when it comes to getting curly hair. From overnight curlers, also called sponge curlers, to curling irons and each will give different results.
Which is right for you?

Both curling irons and sponge curlers will give you the curls you are looking for. However, both will give different results. For example, when using overnight curlers you tend to lose control of how your hair will curl. Some areas of your area might turn out with spiral curls while others might turn out with wavy curls.

Hair care and styles Overnight curlers vs curling irons 300x300 Hair care and styles: Overnight curlers vs curling irons

Hair care and styles: Overnight curlers vs curling irons

Overnight curlers will also be very uncomfortable and difficult. To use them you must start with clean, damp hair. You wrap your hair around the sponge curlers while it is still pretty damp and then you sleep on them overnight, or until your hair is dry. Then you take the curlers out and you have curls. This is nice for some people because it is easier than waking up earlier to use a curling iron. However, there are many disadvantages. For starters overnight curlers are not the most comfortable way to curl your hair. You must sleep with plastic and sponge rods in your hair. This may make for a long night for easy sleepers. Also, if a curler falls out while you are sleeping and you do not know about it then you will have a section of hair that is not curled at all in the morning. The advantage to overnight curlers is that they are safer and gentler on your hair. You are not burning the curls into your hair and they protect your hair from heat damage.

Overnight curlers will also not always work effectively on people with extremely thick hair. Thicker hair takes longer to dry especially when up. Hair may not dry overnight and therefore there will be no curls in the morning.

Curling irons allow for more control over your curls. You can easily control the style and type of curls while using a hand held curling iron. Although the process can be more time consuming and means waking up earlier to style your hair, it usually does provide better curl results. The greatest disadvantage is that it is very damaging to your hair, especially when done on a regular basis. Curling irons work effectively because they get extremely hot. Heat is very damaging to the hair and can cause the hair to look frizzy and lifeless after many uses.

Depending on how often you curl your hair is an important factor into which type of curlers you use. If you do not curl or blow dry your hair often and are looking for curls only sometimes than overnight curlers may be your best option. It is important to understand the way your hair falls and naturally dries before using them. This will allow you get the best possible results without leaving your hair looking too wild in the morning. If you have lots of time and are looking for a very controlled look, a curling iron is the best option.

Overnight curlers will usually produce longer lasting results because that is how your hair dried. It will not require as much hair spray or hair product for the curls to hold all day or night. If you do use a curling iron it is important to treat your hair afterwards. There are hot oil treatments and even special shampoo and conditioners that will help heat damaged hair.

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