Hair care and styles: Hot curlers vs curling irons

A comparison review of hot curlers vs curling iron hair styling products.

Everyone loves a change in style, and if you do not have naturally curly hair, you may be a bit unsure of how to get the beautiful curly look without the permanency and higher cost of a perm.

Before booking your stylist or torturing yourself with old-fashioned curlers, take a moment to consider these two options:

Hot Curlers

Perhaps a bit more money out of the pocket to buy these styling devices, but in the long run hot rollers can render a full head of disobedient locks to convert to perfect curls in a relatively short amount of time. Most hot curler sets operate by heating a small amount of wax in their centers when plugged into an electrical outlet. The curlers are prepared for use when all the wax has melted, usually identified by a change in the color of the curler.

Hair care and styles Overnight curlers vs curling irons 300x300 Hair care and styles: Hot curlers vs curling irons

Hair care and styles: Hot curlers vs curling irons

As opposed to using a curling iron, the hot curler method can provide an easier and more uniform method to getting a head of curls without too much hassle. Apply the curlers one by one by twirling the hair in the same manner for each curler. Securely fasten the curler to the hair and wait until the color of the curlers returns to its original shade. The greatest thing about hot curlers: All of your hair will curl simultaneously!

Styling products such as hairspray or spray gel can help to retain the shape of each individual curl. (My hair is quite resistant to curling, but curls formed by hot curlers do tend to last longer for me than those created any other way).

Hint for Hot Curlers: Washing one’s hair about 12 hours prior to using the hot curlers tends to work best as the curls should hold better. By washing the night before you want to use the hot curlers, your hair will not be as sleek and slippery as freshly washed, super-clean hair, which may resist curling.

Time Necessary: Hot Curlers can take up to 10-15 minutes to heat up and approximately 10-25 minutes to apply (varies based on length of hair). Time to set is generally about 15 minutes. Additional time may be necessary to style your hair if you will be using barrettes, bobby pins or other ornamentation for your desired fashion.

Curling Iron:

Common turf for almost any woman, the reasonably priced and relatively user-friendly curling iron gives hairstyling a hand. Curling irons can be used for the entire head and for quick, minor touch-ups. A glamorous look can be yours with the investment of just a few minutes’ time. Want only a small section of your hair curled? No problem—a curling iron can whip up an immediate response to your tresses’ need of a few perfect curls.

Enhance your “up” or “back” hairstyle with a curling iron by adding a few spiral curls dangling loosely around your face or leave a curl or two sexily tracing along the nape of your neck. Create curls with ease and use styling products such as a non-sticky hairspray or gel to hold the look longer!

One benefit that a curling iron has to offer that hot curlers really do not is the ability to curl the ends of hair under or to flip them out. The versatility of a curling iron allow you to affect only the sections of hair that you wish to curl, no matter where on your head those sections lie.

Time Necessary: Depending on the amount of hair to be curled, use of a curling iron can require as little as 5 minutes or less to as much as 45 minutes or more.

How to Choose: Hot Curlers Versus Curling Iron:

- Better flexibility with a curling iron allows the user to choose a preference of loose spiral curls or tighter ringlets, but brushing or combing the hair after curls have set will also alter the outcome.

- Ease of use is great for hot curlers when you wish to style your whole head or a section, but curling irons work best to curl the ends out or under.

- Time is required in order for both beauty appliances to heat up, although hot curlers may need a bit longer to be completely ready.

- User-friendly hot curlers typically change color to alert user that they are ready to be applied to the hair. Color reverts to original hue to indicate completion of the process—your curls have set!

- When traveling, try to get by with a curling iron, as they are much easier to pack and transport.

- Hot curlers are time-efficient if a full or partial head of curls is on the agenda. Curls may also last longer if hair typically does not respond well to curling. Both curling irons and hot curlers are useful in their own element. Try both and you be the judge to see which works best for your hair!

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